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Peugeot is a French automaker known for its luxury cars. When one thinks of Peugeot, they often think of its symbol; a fierce lion baring its teeth. In February 2021, the Peugeot lion logo changed for the first time in more than 40 years. Peugeot removed the lion’s body from its logo, leaving just its head. What does this new logo signify, and how has it evolved over the years?

Peugeot's new logo of a lion's head over the face of a man roaring like a lion.
Peugeot’s new logo | Peugeot
Peugeot's old logo showed a lion standing on its hind legs.
Peugeot’s old logo | Peugeot

According to the Peugeot press release, the new logo signifies “what PEUGEOT meant yesterday, what PEUGEOT means today, and what PEUGEOT will mean tomorrow.” One aspect of what Peugeot will mean tomorrow includes a pivot toward electric vehicles. Peugeot intends to make an electric version of its entire lineup by 2025. This is a lofty goal, even as more car manufacturers are shifting their focus to electric vehicles. Yet Peugeot is committed, and their rebranding draws attention to their goal. 

The new logo shows a lion’s head on a coat of arms. In the past the logo showed a lion standing on its hind legs. Peugeot says that it isn’t just the logo that’s changed; they’re also getting a new website as well as a line of clothing and accessories. They also make note of their new partnership with Stellantis, and say the new logo encompasses that as well.

What does Peugeot’s new lion logo mean?

The Peugeot press release details a whole slew of things that the new Peugeot logo symbolizes. The Peugeot press release states that the new logo represents a “timeless, universal and multicultural form of identity.

It is a distinctive symbol of belonging, of recognition.

It is synonymous with prestige, confidence, longevity and lineage. With it and its new visual identity, PEUGEOT is joining history and hyper-modernity.

With this coat of arms, the PEUGEOT brand is setting out to conquer new lands, to accelerate its international growth, exporting French style and know-how as well as French elegance.” It seems like a lot for a lion’s head, but hey, it’s a pretty ferocious-looking lion. 

When did the logo originate?

Peugeot says that it’s one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Peugeot has been making cars since 1889, yet their logo originated even before that. According to the Peugeot website, the first lion logo came about in 1847 and was associated with the Peugeot family’s steel products. It wasn’t until 1948 that the lion logo began appearing on cars. 

The logo had changed ten times before it’s most recent transition, making this the eleventh Peugeot logo. This logo is the first since 1975 that the poor lion’s body has been removed from its head. 

Peugeot’s new lion logo is supposed to be a statement more than just a design change. The fact that Peugeot is making such a strong commitment to electric vehicle production is exciting. The logo rebranding emphasizes its transition and draws attention to the greater impact that this shift toward electric vehicles will have on not only Peugeot, but other car manufacturers as well. 


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