Pet Traveling Tips for RV Owners

Going on an RV trip often means bringing a pet. But, traveling may make a pet uncomfortable, skittish, anxious, or a few other adjectives. Below are some helpful tips to make sure Fido or Felix gets to enjoy the RV trip as much as possible with the family.

Plan some time in the RV ahead of the trip

A small dog on a road trip looks out the open passenger side car window
A dog looks at a traffic light from the open passenger window of a car | Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images

This tip is easy. The new family RV is probably everything the family needs and wants, but it is an unfamiliar environment for Duke or Duchess. So, plan ahead. Spend an hour or two in the new RV with the family pet while the vehicle is still at home.

Pack the pet’s bed in the RV

An unfamiliar environment can be made a lot more comfortable for pets if they see something they are used to. For example, bring the pet’s favorite bed on the trip. The RV can be a little more inviting for Oscar or Oreo if they see their favorite familiar place.

Bring familiar foods

A campsite is set up under the canopy attached to a white Hyundai Porest RV.
Hyundai’s first RV, the Porest | Asian Petrolhead via Youtube

Regular diets are often disrupted by travel causing furry bellies to be irregular. When traveling to a campground, BLM location, or a truck stop, the anxiety over the strange environment can also upset the tummy of the favorite family pet. So, make sure to bring some food that is part of the regular diet for Bella or Buddy.

Find out campground pet policies ahead of time

Not all campgrounds accept pets. So, before reserving a spot, call ahead to make sure Peanut or Pepper are actually welcome there. If they do accept pets, find out about leash requirements on the property. Some campgrounds may also require some kind of containment. So, think ahead. Google a pet travel gazebo to see if it is what would work for the situation. Pack it for the trip.

Get the number to the local vet when checking in the RV

A drone takes a picture of a Winnebago Solis RV parked and set up at a campsite with two ladies sitting in chairs by it.
The Solis RV | Winnebago

When calling ahead to discuss the pet policies for the campground, it is also a good idea to get the number to the local vet. It probably will not be needed, but it is good to have that handy in an emergency. The alternative is searching for it when the tension is already high.

Pack pet medical documents and medicines in the RV

Nobody wants their pet ill, especially on a trip. So, Loki and Thor should have their medical documents handy in the event of an emergency. Be wise, pack the documents and medicines in the RV out of the reach of children.

An alternative to RV cabinetry

Wonder RV
2020 Wonder W24RTB | RV USA

RV Sales Spike During COVID-19 Lockdown

RVs depreciate. They do so even quicker if the Maverick or Goose have been chewing on the cabinetry. So, in addition to pet medicines, the favorite pet bed, and familiar foods, make sure to include toys that are favorites for chewing. Hopefully, that will be enough of an alternative to save the cabinets.

Trips with the family can be even more memorable if the family pet is included. Of course, if an RV is a new addition to the family, there is a learning curve for everybody, including for Hulk or Hawkeye. So, the list above will hopefully aid new RV travelers in feeling more confident with their choice to bring their favorite pets along.