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Tesla hasn’t had the most straightforward go of production in 2021, seeing the Cybertruck delayed to 2022, among other setbacks. However, a new deal is on the horizon with PepsiCo. The brands announced that Tesla would be providing PepsiCo with Tesla electric trucks this year, despite delays.

Tesla is providing PepsiCo with electric trucks

PepsiCo is going to take delivery of Tesla Electric Trucks
PepsiCo to Take Delivery of Tesla Electric Trucks | Tesla

PepsiCo is first in line for the new Tesla electric trucks. According to Reuters, PepsiCo ordered 100 electric trucks from the EV maker back at the end of 2017. The popular beverage maker wants to reduce fuel costs and emissions by switching to electricity, as transportation accounts for 10% of PepsiCo’s gas emissions.

Elon Musk’s company has been trying to enter the trucking community for a while now, hoping to prove that the EV maker can seamlessly move into the big rig category. The biggest hurdle was competing with low-cost diesel trucks that currently have a hold on the industry. One of the most significant drawbacks for potential buyers was the time it will take the trucks to recharge, especially in comparison to a diesel fillup at a station.

Despite recent setbacks, PepsiCo is supposed to take delivery of the Tesla electric trucks by the end of the year.

Delivering 15 Tesla electric trucks is a big deal

PepsiCo anticipates 15 electric semi-trucks will be delivered by Q4. Tesla has experienced many problems with battery production this year, which has impacted output across the board. It makes sense the EV maker may provide a few electric trucks at first to get feedback before ramping up production.

One of the problems plaguing the brand is the production of the 4680 battery pack. This pack is supposed to power a lot of the new vehicles like the Cybertruck and the new Model Y. However, it is possible that Tesla could produce a few 4680 battery packs for this delivery. After that, it will continue to ramp up production from there.

Earlier this year, Inside EVs reported that the first Tesla electric truck charger, dubbed the semi megacharger, was being installed at Frito-Lay Modesto. Since these trucks need to charge, it makes sense that a PepsiCo destination would get a charger.

Despite semiconductor chip problems and supply chain issues, the Semi is rolling out

This announcement comes on the heels of the news that Tesla was providing Hertz and Uber 100,000 vehicles for the fleet. While it seems like many brands are still suffering from supply-chain-related issues, the automaker appears to have shifted gears and forged ahead.

The delivery of 15 Tesla electric trucks is a milestone for the company. Replacing some of the antiquated diesel trucks on the road will have a large impact on the environment. Until then, there is a lot riding on the success of the electric truck and the megacharger. 2022 is going to be a big year for electric vehicles.


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