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This is what we’ve come to expect from TikTok. That’s not a criticism so much as it is resigning oneself to expect the inane, insane, and idiotic. Case in point? People throughout the US are pitching slices of cheese at cars. 

Why are people throwing cheese at cars?

A cheese slice about to be thrown onto passing car
Throwing cheese slices at passing cars | YouTube

There are different news reports about this happening from every corner of our fair country. Maybe even beyond. Is there a point to it or is it just an annoyance?

Through the magic of YouTube we can see what is happening; which is what we say is happening. People are finding cheese slices stuck to their cars. So what does it mean?

Does it mean you’re marked to be abducted?

Some are saying it means that you are in danger of being kidnapped. If you’re just some random person with average means the first question would be, “Why?” Unless you’re an oil heiress or just won the lottery, why would you be in danger of being abducted?

Is it vandalism? The new version of throwing eggs at someone or something? There’s a chance that it might be. Though not nearly as damaging as eggs thrown on your car, sliced cheese does contain some acids. 

Let it bake onto your car’s paint and it could be a problem. So there’s that. A group of teens in Philadelphia was charged with disorderly conduct. So it does have consequences; at least in Philly.

You must be “vigilant” if you get cheesed says the Canadian Royal Mounted Police

According to CamLoopsNow, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has warned the public about these “cheesing” incidents. It is urging residents to be “vigilant” over teens that “cheesed” a multitude of cars in the Kamloops area. And if you throw your cheese from a car, that’s a chargeable offense. 

The videos say it is a TikTok challenge to get viewers to toss their cheese slices at cars and/or babies. Beyond that, and even considering that, we have no clue why. If you were looking for answers, we have failed you.

How bad is cheesing?

Throwing cheese slices at cars
Throwing cheese slices at cars | YouTube

So, what should you do if you’re a victim of cheesing? Charge it up to kids having some fun at your expense if there is no damage. But if it causes damage you should call the police and your insurance company. Report it to both and see where it goes. If it continues to happen, watch for who might be doing it and get phone video or look at surveillance images if available.

Because you might think we at Motorbiscuit are just making this up, we have a YouTube vid and images. If you’re out and about you must be “vigilant” lest you be the victim of a cheesing. It could ruin your standing in the community and general reputation from here on out. 

You can be affected for the rest of your life by the horror and humiliation of being cheesed. Your pals at MotorBiscuit have warned you. 


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