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Ford recently unveiled the new Mustang Mach-E, and it’s an all-electric crossover SUV. The Mach-E doesn’t look like any other Mustang has looked like before, and that has caused some controversy and commotion on the internet. But despite that, not all Ford fans are taking sides in that issue.

Is it a real Mustang?

The Mustang has, until now, been a muscle car that wasn’t very spacious and was a real gas guzzler. So when Ford revealed that the new Mustang Mach-E was actually a crossover SUV, some Ford fans got mad, really mad. The angriest Ford fans said that they’re no longer a Ford fan, while others have taken to social media to voice their anger at Ford. 

Those fans have been posting memes to Ford, calling anything and everything a Mustang just to show Ford how much they disagree with the Mach-E being part of the Mustang brand.

Ford decided to call this new SUV a Mustang for several reasons. First, it was because the Mach-E was designed with performance and power in mind, and that’s a similar attribute that every Mustang has. 

Secondly, it was to make electric cars seem cool. The Mustang is one of America’s most iconic and coolest cars ever made, so by just having the name “Mustang,” it makes the Mach-E seem a bit cooler already.

Lastly, it’s to generate press. If Ford were to take the brand name of a long-forgotten line of cars and said that an electric version is coming soon, very few people would care. But by saying that a new Mustang was coming, many people cared.

All sold out 

As it turns out, despite the internet complaints, including a 13,000 strong petition, Ford’s marketing strategy for the Mach-E worked. According to The Detroit News, Ford says that the interest in the Mach-E has been “off the charts.” Over 6.5 million people watched the reveal of the Mach-E, and over 1.6 million people have visited Ford’s page for the Mach-E.

Ford won’t mention how many people have already reserved the Mach-E, but apparently, the first wave of the Mach-E has already been sold out. These are $500 reservations as well, according to The Detroit News, so most of those reservations are likely from serious buyers who’ll actually buy the Mach-E when it’s available for purchase.

The Detroit News also mentions that the Mach-E, when it’s launched, will be in relatively short supply due to the limited numbers of batteries that Ford has available right now. Currently, about 50,000 Mach-E’s can be produced in the first year, according to The Detroit News. 

Not all Ford fans

On top of that, while some Ford fans have been vocally against the Mach-E, The Detroit News reports that about two-thirds of people who are reserving the Mach-E are not regular Ford fans. This is a good thing, as it shows that Ford is attracting people who don’t usually buy Fords to the Mach-E.

On the other hand, The Detroit News also mentions that some hardcore Ford fans who are interested in electric cars are showing a lot of interest in the Mach-E. Those hardcore Ford fans, according to The Detroit News, are people who were impressed by Tesla’s cars, but just couldn’t buy a Tesla because they prefer Fords. 

With the Mach-E’s good performance numbers and affordable pricing, it’s becoming the cool electric car for Ford fans as well as non-Ford fans to buy. There are many people who don’t like Tesla or Elon Musk but do like electric cars, and the Mach-E seems to be the car for those types of folks. Either way, it seems like Ford’s bold move with the new Mustang is paying off right now.