People Complain About These Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks the Most

When you need a workhorse truck, there are only a few brands that offer what you are looking for. A heavy duty pickup truck is a special vehicle with an intended purpose. There is a decent-sized volume of buyers for these trucks for both commercial-type uses as well as personal. But these trucks aren’t always tried and true, and there are hundreds of complaints filed on for heavy duty trucks. In fact, maybe you are wondering what are the most complained about heavy duty pickup trucks. People complain about these heavy duty diesel trucks the most.

According to AutoTrader, heavy duty diesel trucks have far more capability than their light duty brethren. Models like the Silverado 2500, the Ford F-250, and F-350 are designed to carry much heavier loads. For instance, heavy duty pickup trucks are known to carry loads over 6,000 pounds. Plus, heavy duty trucks can tow over 20,000 pounds. But before you make your next heavy duty purchase, you may want to review these models with the most complaints.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500

This big pickup doesn’t have a gross amount of complaints. However, if you review all the heavy duty pickups on, the Chevy Silverado 2500 is the fifth most complained about heavy duty pickup truck. There are 219 complaints on file.

The worst model is posted as the 2015 Silverado 2500. Apparently this model has brake problems. The 2003 Silverado has the most filed complaints. Additionally, the most reported problem is exposed brake lines on the 2001 model year of this heavy duty diesel truck.

Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 pickup truck has 328 complaints filed on So it’s the fourth most complained about heavy duty pickup truck. Thankfully, all of the problems for this model predate 2010.

The worst model for the F-350 heavy duty diesel truck is posted as the 2008. However, the 2006 model year has the most complaints. The most-reported problem is for the 2004 F-350 and it’s––apparently––common issues with a blown gasket.

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Dodge Ram 3500

548 complaints on make the Dodge Ram 3500 fourth most complained about heavy duty pickup truck. All of this brand’s trucks that are newer than 2010 are now their own entity called Ram Trucks. However, the Dodge Ram 3500 has still accumulated enough complaints to make it on the list.

silver 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 heavy duty pickup truck press photo against a white backdrop
Dodge Ram 3500 | AutoBlog

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The worst model for the Dodge Ram 3500 is shown as the 2003. These heavy duty diesel trucks apparently have problems with the interior accessories. This model is also the year with the most complaints on file. Additionally, the 2003 model year has the most common complaint filed for a cracked dashboard.

Ford F-250

The F-250 is the heavy duty diesel truck with the second highest amount of complaints from with 573 complaints on file. The 2011 model year Ford F-250 is the worst model year even though the 2006 model has the worst complaints. Based on that info, it’s probably safe to say that if you are looking for an older heavy duty Ford pickup the 2006 model year is one to avoid.

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The 2011 model year has engine problems. Moreover, the most reported problem is with the F-250 from 2003. This model has problems with sparks becoming loose and “jumping out.”

Dodge Ram 2500

The most complained about heavy duty pickup truck is the Dodge Ram 2500 with 1,397. This is by far the heavy duty diesel truck with the most complaints on The worst model year––the 2004 Dodge Ram 2500––has interior accessory issues.

However, like the Dodge Ram 3500, the model year with the most complaints is 2003. It also has the most complaint on file overall due to a cracking dashboard. It looks like maybe 2003 Dodge Ram heavy duty trucks having cracked dash issues is a thing.