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Think about the cars, SUVs and trucks you see on the road. They come in all shapes and colors, but there are some that are more common than others. For example, SUVs and trucks are quickly outpacing cars, and white is the most popular car color choice. On the opposite end of the spectrum, brown cars are one of the least popular colors. Yet there’s one SUV that people seem to love to buy in brown. What makes the Buick Encore such a hit in one of the least popular colors?

A brown color Buick Encore.
Buick Encore | Buick

Is brown a good color for a car?

While not many people choose brown for their car colors, it isn’t a bad thing if you’re drawn to it. Nerdwallet says that people who buy brown cars tend to be more responsible. Nerdwallet also says brown car owners are “typically down-to-earth” and are not easily “enticed by bright colors or flashy gadgets. They “prioritize reliability and comfort.”

So if you think of yourself as responsible, down-to-earth, and not swayed by pretty things, then you just might love a brown car (and what it says about you – not that you care about that sort of thing). And if you’re wondering what kind of car or SUV might look best in brown, the Buick Encore seems to be a good choice.

People love brown Buick Encores

CarMax did a study that looked at people’s buying trends according to the season, and one of the things they examined was the model of car that people bought in each color. CarMax analysts looked at their internal data of used car sales between January 2018 and December 2020. They found that most people who bought brown cars chose the Buick Encore.

Wondering about the other colors? White, the most popular color, was most often found on Kia Optimas, while people bought the Nissan Versa in silver. It’s no surprise that red went to a sports car, the Chevy Camaro, while the Kia Soul was the most popular green car. The Honda Odyssey came in sensible gray and the Chevy Malibu was the most commonly bought gold vehicle. People love black Jeep Grand Cherokees and blue Mazda Mazda3s, while burgundy is commonly found on Kia Sorentos.

Is a Buick Encore a good vehicle?

The Buick Encore is a small SUV that may be what you’re looking for if you like the finer things in life but you don’t necessarily want to be too flashy. Its compact stature make it easy to handle and park, and its features like an 8-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility make it attractive. The 2021 Encore comes with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that makes just 138 hp.

It’s worth noting that the 2022 Buick Encore doesn’t have perfect crash test ratings from the IIHS. Its small overlap on the passenger side and updated side crash test ratings are both just acceptable, while its headlights are marginal. However, you should always look at the exact year and model that you’re considering so you know what kind of safety ratings it has.

If you like to shop by color, using the CarMax study may be able to help you find something that speaks to more than just your budget and passenger priorities. Perhaps you’ll discover that a gold Chevy Malibu is just the car you never knew you’d been looking for. Or perhaps you’ll choose to buy your next car in brown, so that everyone can think about how sensible and responsible you are.