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I sincerely hope everyone’s first thought was Tommy Boy. Imagine the whiplash of the sadness of thinking you or someone else accidentally killed a deer, you put it in your car (for some reason), and then it turns out it’s not dead and is, in fact, very much alive and now inside your car – then the blue lights flash. Well, that is exactly what happened to this Pennsylvania man. 

screen shot from a video of a man carrying a deer from his car to the side of the road. A good reminder that picking up road kill isn't always the best idea.
Authorities make passenger remove a live deer from their trunk | YouTube: Newbury Township police Dash cam footage

What in the Tommy Boy happened here? 

According to the Newbury Township Police Department, a couple of officers noticed a man driving that they believed may have been on drugs or alcohol around midnight on January 6th. 

The police flashed the erratic driver with their lights, and the car pulled over in what would prove to be far more than the police bargained for. 

Upon walking up to the car, the police quickly realized that there was another passenger in the car aside from the two sitting upfront; a living deer. Bewildered, the police promptly asked about the wildlife. 

The driver and her passenger claim that they hit the deer and thought it was dead. Naturally, they decided to take it with them, for whatever reason. However, the road kill didn’t stay very dead, and so they found themselves driving around with a live deer in the back of their car. Clearly, this wasn’t a big concern because the two kept driving until the police pulled them over. 

As CarScoops easily points out, this is a one-to-one overlap of the classic David Spade and Chris Farley movie Tommy Boy. It is literally the same thing. You can see the scene as soon as you read the headline. It’s just too good. 

Should you pick up road kill? 

No. This is almost always a bad idea. Aside from the potential for this absurd comedy movie recreation in real life, stopping in the road is already not the safest option. On top of that, wild animals can carry diseases and bacteria that you may not want in your car. 

Unlike in the classic scene from Tommy Boy, the deer was ordered out of the trunk by the officers, and it did so peaceably and calmly. The driver’s passenger carries the small fawn to the road’s shoulder and lets him go free. Now, this is strange because they thought the deer was dead, yet it ran off like it was fine. 

Is picking up road kill illegal? 

a yellow deer crossing sign warning drivers of nearby deer.
Deer Crossing Sign | Bill Uhrich Getty Images

Sometimes. Depending on the animal, the state, and the situation, picking up road kill can get you in a lot of trouble. As per the DUI investigation, the 19-year-old driver was taken into custody for the Tommy Boy remake. She’s presumably facing a number of charges, and authorities noted the Pennsylvania Game Commission is assisting with the case. 

The police might have found the deer in the trunk suspicious despite the potential drug or alcohol charges, hence the Game Commission’s involvement. Whatever led to this deer getting into the truck of this car certainly rings strangely at a minimum but seems potentially illegal as well.


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