Pay $125,000 For Bollinger Class 3 Truck or $34,000 For Ram 3500?

If you knew the difference in the price of similar trucks was $91,000 would you still be interested in the more expensive one? We didn’t think so. But that’s what Bollinger wants you to choose. It will manufacture a Class 3 version of its B2 Chassis Cab. The price you would have to pay is going to be around $125,000. Or, you could opt for a Ram 3500 for $34,000. 

Then there’s the difference in towing capacity, which is especially important once you get into the more heavy-duty trucks. The Bollinger has a 7,500 lb towing capacity. The Ram 3500 has a 13,500 lb-15,000 lb towing capacity. So, would you pay that much more for a Bollinger to get that much less than a Ram 3500?

The difference in the price of the two trucks would get you 24,000 gallons of gas

It’s hard to understand why Bollinger would offer a compromised Class 3 truck that was so much less than its competition costing so much more? Even if you were completely electrification insane think about how much gas you could buy with $91,000. At $4.00 a gallon, you’re looking at 24,000 gallons of gas. 

Bollinger B2 Class 3 electric truck | Bollinger
Bollinger B2 Class 3 electric truck | Bollinger

That 24,000 gallons of gas would get you 286,000 miles at 14 miles-per-gallon. If you replace diesel for gas then all of the numbers go up. So then the question becomes, “Is it more environmental to purchase an electric truck if for a comparable price you could purchase 24,000 gallons of gas?” And the truck, too? 

Since the Bollinger B1 and B2 are $125,000 we don’t expect the Class 3 to be any less

Bollinger has not released how much the Class 3 truck will sell for. We’re basing the price on its lesser B1 and B2 half-ton trucks. Since they’re $125,000 we don’t expect the Class 3 Bollinger to be any less. 

There would be some bragging rights to getting the Bollinger. Like the fact that it is the world’s first all-electric Class 3 truck. Bollinger says you’ll get about 200 miles of range from the two electric motors. That comes out to 614 hp. You can also get a power system hookup so that you can run things like a compressor or other power tools from the available juice. Just make sure you have enough power left to get back to the yard.

Bollinger B2 Class 3 electric truck | Bollinger
Bollinger B2 Class 3 electric truck | Bollinger

To compare the Bollinger with something similar let’s look at the Cybertruck

If you were to compare the Bollinger with something more in the direct competition you could look at the Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla has not indicated it will offer a Class 3 version of the Cybertruck so the comparison isn’t exact but it is still worth a look. A 250-mile range Cybertruck with 7,500 towing capacity is going to be around $40,000 if Tesla can stick to its original price estimate. 

The most expensive version of the Cybertruck will come with three motors and extended range and power from the base version. That version comes in at $70,000. That’s a difference of $55,000. Again, as far as we know Tesla is not considering a Class 3 Cybertruck. But still, that’s a disparate cost. 

We only wish the best for all of the manufacturers and that includes Bollinger. We just wish we could be a fly on the wall to see the process of management determining this is a product worth producing.