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Have you ever seen a bus full of partygoers pull up to a dance club and wondered how they arranged the VIP treatment? A party bus is a great way to travel in style and lets you get the party started before arriving at your destination. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about driving, so the night is yours to enjoy. With a designated driver at your disposal, you can drink and relax with a group of friends, new or old, as you enjoy the ride.

So, here is what you need to know about renting a bus if you want to party like a rock star on your next night out.

What is a party bus, and how much do they cost?

A group of busses, potentially party busses gathered at night.
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Some party buses are decked out more than others. Typically, if you pay a premium price and rent in a large city, the bus will include plenty of luxury amenities. Mood lighting, wrap-around seating, televisions, fully-stocked bars, and club-quality sound systems are not uncommon. 

Signature Transportation Group says, “If you’re having 20+ people in attendance at your party, a limo bus or party bus might suit you better than a traditional limousine.” While a limousine can fit 7 to 10 passengers comfortably, a party bus can usually accommodate as many as 36 passengers.

The cost of renting a party bus varies and is dependent on the type of vehicle requested, your location, how far you intend to travel, and the number of passengers. Some companies cater to college students and offer a round trip ride for each passenger for a set fee, usually costing less than $25 per person.

According to Thumbtack, the national average cost for a private party bus rental is $600, ranging between $150 and $1,050. Smaller party bus rentals typically charge by the hour, costing about $100 to $150 per hour with a four-hour minimum. Keep in mind that a smaller bus will not have the same luxury accommodations as larger models.

What should you pack for a party bus?

Going to a bar or nightclub is not the only reason to jump on a party bus. Large groups often rent out a party bus with friends to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, proms, weddings, sporting events, and bachelor parties.

BBZ Limousine & Livery Service recommends packing several essential items to enhance your party bus experience. They say bringing party food “gives you complete control of the menu and ensures nobody goes hungry throughout the night.” 

Bringing a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will help get the party started before arriving at the venue, saving you money in the long run. Bottled water is a must to ensure everyone stays hydrated, especially as the night wears on.

Paper products are helpful when serving food and drinks. Decorations such as balloons, banners, and party poppers create a festive atmosphere to celebrate your special event. Also, don’t forget to pack essential personal items such as your house keys, phone, wallet, cash to tip the driver, make-up, and camera. 

How do you entertain besides drinking?

Your party on wheels does not have to be strictly for drinking purposes. There is plenty of fun to be had on a party bus that does not include alcohol.

NYC Party Bus Rentals recommends giving your party a theme and having guests come dressed accordingly. You could choose I love the 80’s, Pajama Party, or a sports team. The possibilities are endless.

You can stay entertained by playing trivia games, hosting a karaoke contest, or starting a dance competition. Guests on a party bus will also enjoy playing classic road trip games such as the license plate scavenger hunt, Head’s Up, or backseat bingo.

Get creative, invite some friends, and have fun going down the road together on your next party bus experience.


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