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If you want an unforgettable RV experience, there’s only one RV park to visit. Voted best luxury RV resort by USA Today, the Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California offers true luxury for Class A RV owners. If you’re looking for a simple parking spot for any RV model, there are cheaper options. But if you want an experience, look no further.

Motorcoach Country Club Entrance For Luxury RV Park
Motorcoach Country Club Entrance | Motorcoach Country Club

The Motorcoach Country Club is an RV park like no other

A traditional RV park will grant you a nice parking space, and possibly some hookups depending on whether it’s a boondocking campsite. And while there are certain parking spots on the Motorcoach Country Club property like that, there are some added bonuses. During your stay, you’ll have access to an 18 hole golf course, tennis, pools, and fine dining. It’s like staying at a hotel, but with parking for your RV.

Depending on how much you pay per night, your parking spot may come with a casita (outdoor half kitchen/half living room), waterfront views, and even bathrooms. That way you don’t have to worry about your grey or blackwater. And with new events happening in the community all the time, your trip will never be the same twice.

That is, if you choose to make it a trip. If you fall in love with this luxury RV park, you can actually buy a parking spot. Not only does this grant you access to the waterways, allowing you to purchase a boat, but you can live full time on the property. Just use your RV as your home.

However, there are a few contingencies if you want to live this large, and there will be prices you have to pay.

The costs and requirements to stay at the Motorcoach Country Club

Motorcoach Country Club Luxury RV Park
Motorcoach Country Club Luxury RV Park | Motorcoach Country Club

Let’s start with the biggest rule: you have to own a Class A RV model. Those are the luxury RVs the size of a bus, and typically the most expensive. Motorcoach Country Club doesn’t want to smear its image with small Class B camper vans or cheap Class C RVs. So if you don’t have one, then you can’t stay at this RV park.

Then there’s pricing, which is rather steep even for their undeveloped lots. An undeveloped lot might still have access to electricity, water, and sewage, but won’t have the pool or casita attached. They’re essentially glorified RV parking spots and can run you an average of $85 a night. More developed properties shoot that price up to $200 a night.

And all these lots require a minimum stay of two nights, which many RV parks do. However, things get a lot more expensive if you’re living in your RV full time. An undeveloped chunk of land can go for around $100k, which is the equivalent of 1,176 days or three and a half years. And a developed lot with a pool, waterfront location, and casita, can go for upwards of $700k.

So if you have a motorcoach rather than a cheaper RV model, and are willing to fork over the dough, then you’ll get an unforgettable vacation experience. Waited on by staff, and fed by professional cooks every night. However, if that’s over the allotted budget, or you don’t own a Class A RV model, there are plenty of luxurious RV parks that’ll still host you.

What to look for in an RV park if you don’t own a Class A RV model

Class C RV Model Driving Down Scenic Road To RV Park
Class C RV Driving Down Road | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

For starters, check out Campendium, the largest database of RV parks, and even free campsites across the country. There you’ll find RV parks in your area, and on State and National Park land, that’ll serve as a great vacation location. Though, do your research, as some of these places might not have the luxury hookups you’d hope for.

And if you are looking for a luxury RV park, double-check to make sure it isn’t a 55+ only community. And be sure that you check for similar motorhome restrictions based on RV Class, or even age. Unfortunately, most places don’t want a crummy Craigslist RV showing up on the property.

That said, the amenities considered “luxurious” are often fairly simple: pull-through parking spaces are certainly a plus, as large RVs can be tricky to drive. WiFi and cable services are also considered a luxury feature, though there are ways to get WiFi in your own RV anyways.

All those amenities are offered at the Motorcoach Country Club, as well as concierge services that can help maintain your vehicle. So while there are plenty of RV campsites that offer luxurious amenities, the Motorcoach Country Club is the most luxurious of the RV parks.


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