Pandemic-Proof Vehicles to Assist with Social Distancing

If social distancing has you going a little stir crazy, it’s OK to get out of the house. It might even do you some good to get out on the open road. You’re probably still going to want to take precautions, though. We have a few suggestions on what may be the most pandemic proof vehicles for these trying times. Don’t worry, we have covered the spectrum of cost and quirkiness. You are sure to find at least one of these vehicles suitable and ever so safe should you need to get out of Dodge quickly. 

Rezvani TANK X

Photo: Rezvani

The Rezvani Tank may seem over the top at first, but it will cover all your bases. This is a military-inspired vehicle designed to be a daily driver. For the price tag of $349,000, you’ll get a few notable upgrades such as night vision, bulletproof glass, military-grade run-flat tires, and ballistic armor. Pandemic? No problem. You’ll feel safe in any situation.

The A-Team Van

Neil Mockford/Getty Images

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you are familiar with the original black and red diagonal striped GMC Vandura of the infamous A-Team. The most recent movie updates the Vandura to a 1994 Chevrolet G20. Still, either is tough enough to qualify them for a pandemic of global proportions. The A-Team’s chariot was outfitted with a push bar, plenty of fog lamps, blacked-out windows for concealing any equipment, and weaponry for any situation. It got them through several harrowing encounters. A pandemic should be no problem. 

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

The Jeep Gladiator Rubicon was named 2020 North American Truck of the Year. Car and Driver may have put it best, saying: “Look, you don’t call something a “Gladiator” unless it has those sorts of ambitions. The Gladiator comes with standard equipment (in Rubicon guise): Fox shocks, skid plates, beefy Dana 44 axles, locking front and rear differentials, and rock rails.” With the addition of a 60-inch bed, you can haul all of your items either for the pandemic or delivering supplies to those who can’t get out. We all know Jeep has been the king of off-roading, now it can be king of offloading too. 

Chevy Astro Van

While this pandemic-proof pick stopped being produced by Chevrolet in 2005, the Chevrolet Astro Van is one of the most hearty versatile vans that ever hit the market. You may have to Venmo someone on Facebook Marketplace to get one now but you’ll be glad you did. 

Not only was it built on a truck chassis, but in true pandemic fashion, you can work on the engine without even leaving the vehicle. The engine is easily accessible from a set of clips just under the cup holders. It also came with a four-speed manual transmission with an optional five-speed until 1989 and able to pull 5,000 pounds.

This van is so versatile that it could be used as a tough-as-nails hauler or as a posh conversion van complete with a TV VCR Combo, cushy leather seats, and wood trim. Either way, the Chevy Astro Van has cemented itself in this haul of pandemic proof vehicles for its ability to become whatever you need it to become and still be seen on the road as a workhorse daily driver. 

Russian Sherp 4×4 

The ultimate in getting away from it all. This tops our list as the oddest looking, pandemic proof vehicle by far. All-terrain is actually an understatement with the Sherp, since it can quickly leave land far behind and head right across the water. 

It’s propelled by a 1.5-liter Kubota inline-4 turbo diesel engine. With an output of only 44 hp, it tops out at about 28 mph, so you may not outrun anyone on the highway. But what it lacks in speed it makes up for in aquatic ability. That’s right, the ultimate in social distancing, you can just drive across the lake.

The Sherp sits high atop Huge, self-inflating, and patented tires (1600x600x25), which lends to what Top Gear calls its “Tonka-toy looks.” The wheels don’t turn like a traditional vehicle. They move more like tank treads, locking up or slowing up one side to turn. This gives the Sherp the ability to turn much tighter and traverse virtually any terrain.