Lumma CLR G770 G-Wagen
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Why Would You Ruin a Perfectly Good G-Wagen Like This?

New or old, Mercedes-Benz’ G-Wagen is an impressive off-roader. The SUV’s climbed 100% grades, even without extra axles. Classic G-Wagens still have multiple locking differentials and all-wheel drive, making them valuable and highly-capable. And because Mercedes didn’t need to update the G-Class much over the years, the SUV retains value better than other SUVs or …

Jeep Gladiator Carwow review
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British Man Can’t Stop Grinning Behind the Wheel of the Jeep Gladiator

It’s not just Americans who want pickups from across the Atlantic. Europeans are importing more American trucks, to do what crossovers can’t. The differences in safety and emissions regulations, though, complicate this exchange. It’s why the US didn’t get the Ford Ranger Raptor. But, if there’s enough demand, the manufacturers will provide. Despite some safety …