Packages Make the 2020 BMW X7 M50i Beyond Expensive

BMW is known for producing vehicles with upscale interiors that provide drivers with plenty of comforts during daily driving. The BMW X7 SUV is already luxurious enough on its own. If you want to make things even fancier, the X7 comes with plenty of extra packages.

The BMW X7 M50i includes five different bundles of extras which include interior comforts, safety technology, and driving enhancements. However, those with tighter budgets may want to steer clear – altogether, these packages can make the car over $100,000. If money is no obstacle for you, here’s what you can expect in a fully decked out BMW X7 M50i.

The BMW X7’s Cold Weather Package

If you live in a climate with frigid temperatures, you’ll definitely appreciate this set of extras. Thanks to the heated front seats, rear seats, and armrests, riders will be surrounded in warmth on winter days. Heated side mirrors are also included and the whole bundle costs $1,200.

Since the BMW X7 is a large SUV, it can seat up to seven passengers on luxurious synthetic leather seats. All of the rows have ample enough space for adults, even in the third row. The front seats are very supportive and come standard with 16-way power adjustability.

The Driver’s Assistance Pro Package

If you’re buying a large SUV, you probably have a lot of family members to worry about. For an extra $1,700, you can add some extra safety features like a surround-view camera, cruise control, and lane-keeping assistance. It also has a self-driving mode for stop-and-go traffic, but be prepared for some occasional jolts when it’s activated.

Fortunately, those who can only afford the base X7 trim won’t be lacking in driver aids. It already comes equipped with automatic high beams, adaptive headlights, driver drowsiness monitoring, and parking sensors. The Active Driving Assistance package is standard, which includes rear-cross traffic alert and forward-collision warning, plus automatic emergency braking.

The Dynamic Handling Package

In addition to being a great family hauler, you can get some good thrills inside the BMW X7. This is especially true if you get active steering with the Active Comfort Drive setting for $3,450. This will enhance the SUV’s suspension and make it easier to round tight corners. According to MotorTrend, these settings don’t do much to hamper the stellar ride quality.

The BMW X7 comes with three great engine options, but the M50i houses the most powerful one. Under the hood rests a twin-turbo V8 capable of 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. It’s also incredibly fast for a car its size, reaching 0-60 mph in under five seconds, according to MotorTrend

The Connected Package Pro

The BMW X7’s vast array of included technology definitely contributes to its high price tag. It comes with Apple CarPlay, a Wi-Fi hotspot, multiple USB ports, Bluetooth, and built-in navigation. You can control the large display screen through touch controls, physical buttons, or even voice commands.

The M50i also comes with a premium audio system, which tacks on an additional $3,400 onto the price. The Connected Package upgrades the navigation system to supply drivers with real-time traffic information and help locate parking spots.

The Executive Package


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This $1,300 bundle includes some features that aren’t really necessary, but they definitely enhance the BMW X7 M50i experience. You get temperature-controlled cupholders and glass control knobs at the center stack made with genuine Swarovski crystals. The standard panoramic moonroof is upgraded to a color-changing LED roof complete with nighttime settings.

The BMW X7 M50i is definitely one of the most opulent cars on the market, especially with all the available packages. Considering its impressive reviews, we can probably assume that it’s worth every penny.