Pablo Escobar’s $2.2 Million Porsche 911 RSR Is a Drug Lord’s Racecar You Can Buy

While most people remember Pablo Escobar as a result of his days in the Medellin Cartel, he was also an avid racer. In fact, Escobar owned and raced an ultra-rare Porsche 911 RSR throughout the 1970s. Decades after its racing days ended, this Porsche received a major restoration and is now for sale.

According to a listing posted on DuPont Registry, Porsche only built 15 of these cars. Additionally, before Escobar owned this particular racecar, Emerson Fittipaldi raced it in the iconic IROC series. However, once the drug lord purchased the car, it underwent a massive transformation.

How much does Pablo Escobar’s Porsche 911 RSR cost?

An image of a Porsche 911 RSR previously owned by Pablo Escobar.
Porsche 911 RSR | DuPont Registry

If you want to own what is likely the most infamous Porsche 911 RSR, you’ll have to pay up at least $2.2 million. That price isn’t even inflated as a result of the car’s ties to Escobar. In fact, Gooding & Company report that another IROC RSR sold for $2.3 million back in 2016.

Porsche only produced 15 of these cars, explaining the massive price tag. DuPont Registry reports that 12 of these examples went directly to drivers while three cars existed as spares. Aside from its time with Escobar, this 911 raced in various popular IMSA races such as the Sebring 12 Hours and Daytona 24 Hours.

According to DuPont Registry, this Porsche 911 RSR got its start in life as a racecar for the IROC series with Emerson Fittipaldi behind the wheel. In fact, the car currently wears its original livery after a massive restoration effort.

Thankfully, this example survived a tumultuous history. However, once Escobar got a hold of it, the car became almost unrecognizable.

Escobar was reportedly very involved in motorsport

An image of Pablo Escobar racing in his Porsche 911.
Pablo Escobar via Petrolicious

According to Petrolicious, this Porsche 911 RSR underwent some serious modifications once Escobar got a hold of it. This meant covering up most of the original bodywork with a 935 slant-nose conversion. As you can see from the image above, Escobar raced the car in this modified state.

Fortunately, Escobar reportedly did not modify the car’s air-cooled 3.0-liter engine. This engine is a direct descendent of the 2.8-liter engine that Porsche put into the Carrera RSR 2.8.

Petrolicious report that Escobar raced the RSR all throughout South America, along with other valuable Porsche models. However, Escobar reportedly abandoned the sport once his crimes began to catch up with him.

Years after Escobar finished racing it, this Porsche 911 RSR sold again and ended up back in the U.S. At this point, the new owners decided to restore it.

This ultra-rare Porsche got a makeover later in life

An image of a Porsche 911 RSR previously owned by Pablo Escobar.
Porsche 911 RSR | DuPont Registry

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Since Pablo Escobar’s ownership is only a small part of this Porsche 911 RSR’s history, later owners decided to bring back its original aesthetic. This included removing the 935 slant-nose bodywork and giving it the correct IROC bodywork. Additionally, this meant that the ultra-rare racecar also wears its original Sahara Beige exterior color.

Additionally, the restored car now features Emerson Fittipaldi’s signature on its rear decklid and all of its original stickers. Given this car’s history, it is more than just a racecar; it is truly a $2.2 million historical artifact.