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The Range Rover has long been an institution in the SUV market. Whether it’s getting love on shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or simply seen on the highway on your way to work, the Land Rover brand has been synonymous with luxury for decades. 

You would think that such a well-known vehicle would receive high accolades from consumers. However, this isn’t always the case. Recently, most Range Rover models have been cited for questionable reliability.

Has Land Rover changed the secret sauce used to create the Range Rover? Why now is the beloved Rover coming under fire and trending downward in reliability? Let’s take a closer look at just what owners are saying about the once-revered SUV, and if there is a smoking gun that indicates just where things went wrong. 

What owners have to say about the Range Rover

A silver 2021 Range Rover on display with a blue sky background
A 2021 Range Rover on display | Photo via Land Rover

Few would deny that the Land Rover Range Rover has the makings of a genuine luxury SUV. However, comfort will only keep owners content for so long. Once other problems arise, drivers tend to sour on the purchase, and if these issues persist, they may even begin to despise the vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book customer reviews for the current-generation Range Rover (2013-present) reveal mixed feelings about the luxury SUV. It earned a KBB consumer rating of just 3.6/5, which is considerably lower than all other Land Rover models.

One 2020 Range Rover owner felt it was “very comfortable” yet “very unreliable.” They claimed their plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model had already gone to the shop four times.

Many of the issues seem to be contained within this particular model rather than widespread problems that plague the manufacturer’s entire lineup. Customers who previously owned a Land Rover reminisced about their old Land Rover while criticizing their new luxury SUV.

Another reviewer said of their 2018 model, “This Range Rover has more issues than all other Range Rovers I’ve ever owned combined. There have been serious electrical issues that haven’t been fixed despite multiple attempts/updates. The gearing/torque must have changed, as it’s not as fun to drive as previous model years. Phone connectivity and Range Rover apps are worst in its class.”

These issues seem troubling, but are they rare occurrences that only plague a handful of drivers? Perhaps the experts can weigh in.

Lots of style; not a ton of substance

The 2021 Range Rover has an outrageous starting MSRP of $92,000. Buyers expect premium features and unquestionable dependability for that kind of money.

Critics have long praised the Range Rover for its iconic style and luxurious interior materials. However, many publications have raised concerns about the SUV.

This luxury SUV dominates when it comes to off-road driving, but it isn’t up to par when the rubber meets asphalt. Car and Driver’s review of the 2021 iteration stated, “compared for over-the-road agility against high-performance SUVs such as the BMW X5 M and the Mercedes-AMG GLS63, the Land Rover is downright sloppy.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. News & World Report put the Range Rover in the middle of its large luxury SUVs. The publication’s had two significant knocks against the model. The most crucial one was the model’s history of low predicted reliability ratings, which adds validity to owners’ concerns that we previously mentioned. The next criticism was its difficult-to-use infotainment system, which can be annoying on a daily basis.

Is the Range Rover falling from grace? 

The Range Rover isn’t going anywhere any time soon. From its name recognition to its appearance in mainstream pop culture, Land Rover’s popular SUV will likely be in production for years to come. However, have the accolades Range Rover received over the years made automakers complacent in its design and functionality? Some owners would likely agree that this is the case. 

Land Rover would do well to note their customer’s complaints concerning reliability, especially since the Range Rover isn’t the cheapest SUV on the market. The adage “the customer is always right” comes to mind in the case of the model’s disputed reliability. Land Rover may just want to investigate these claims further to ensure repeat business for their most esteemed vehicle.  


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