Owners Adore Their 2019 Lincoln Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln cars are still on top in popularity polls, perhaps helped in part by Matthew McConaughey pitching them in his TV commercials. However, Lincoln simply makes good cars and SUVs, with their Lincoln Navigator being a continual hit.

Consumer Reports recently cited the 2019 version of the Navigator as having a high satisfaction score. There were plenty of good reasons for that thanks to the 2019 edition having an appealing new redesign that most Lincoln fans adored.

Of course, Consumer Reports always gives full road test reports. The 2019 edition was basically equal in score with the more recent 2020 Navigator.

Looking back to last year’s edition, the detailed satisfaction score proves why so many still see this on our nation’s roadways.

The satisfaction score has stayed consistent since the 2019 Lincoln Navigator arrived

There was no surprise the 2019 Lincoln Navigator’s overall satisfaction score reached a five out of five on Consumer Reports. This year’s edition is the same, but it went up one point after the 2019 redesign occurred following a number of years scoring at four.

How Consumer Reports calculates that score is worth a deeper dive. They go by a number of factors like road test reports, comfort and convenience, plus the value of safety equipment. Overall, though, they simply send surveys to participants who answer the question of whether they would consider buying the car again.

The above categories are assigned a score from one (for poor) to five (for best). Not that the 2019 Navigator was perfect in every category. However, it only lacked in a few key areas.

When taking a look at the redesign, a lot is there proving that Lincoln gave drivers what they really wanted. One area where it really excelled above prior versions is in acceleration ability.

What did Lincoln upgrade in the 2019 Navigator?

Consumer Reports notes the keywords for the 2019 Lincoln Navigator were luxury and showmanship. High-tech features permeate in the cabin, the latter of which is designed to be super quiet while on the road.

Scores indicate it handles much better for highway driving than when doing regular town or city driving. Nevertheless, the roominess inside the car is well-noted. No one is going to feel uncomfortable riding in this Navigator, particularly on road trips.

Helping that along are the heated passenger seats to keep everyone warm when traveling in cold weather. An additional seat is even added in the third row.

Those who want a large SUV capable of towing a trailer for travel should know this Navigator tows up to 8,330 lbs. That kind of weight means a family could almost tow a semi-truck trailer, even though the majority likely would not.

What were the downsides and upsides to the 2019 Navigator?


The 2020 Lincoln Navigator Is the Best Luxury SUV Made in America

According to Consumer Reports, the weakest aspects of this version were fuel economy, braking, and emergency handling. These did not seem to improve much in their scores for the 2020 model. None of these lower scores was a deal-breaker for the majority of Lincoln fans.

Acceleration is where the model really excelled, enabling this SUV to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. Other aspects receiving scores of four or five include transmission, noise control, interior fit, finish, and trunk/cargo space.

On the road test front, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator also scores high. This is mostly due to safely being able to carry eight people on long road trips without feeling cramped or annoyed by noise.

While it could improve in overall handling, fuel economy, and front-seat comfort, it currently retails between $73,205 and $99,595 when bought new. For the used market, you can get good deals for as low as $52,375.