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Are you currently in the market for a brand-new car? To say it can be a frustrating process would be an understatement. One of the more critical things to know going in is exactly which features are important to you. Do you want all-wheel drive? Heated seats? Apple CarPlay? While these are excellent, they’re not as over-the-top as the unnecessary expensive ones you probably don’t need.

Knowing which items are necessary streamlines the buying process and makes finding the perfect car much more manageable. However, cars today have a lot of features that no one needs. That doesn’t mean salespeople won’t try to push them on you. Here are three over-the-top features you don’t need, even though they sound totally awesome.

1. Cooled and heated cupholders

The Mercedes-Benz GLE has some over-the-top car features that are unnecessary and you probably don't need them.
The Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV in silver | Mercedes-Benz

OK, if we’re talking about features that sound and look fantastic, this is a prime example. Cooled and heated cupholders are usually only available in expensive, high-quality, luxury vehicles. They’re the perfect answer for anyone with a long commute every day. If your morning coffee gets cold (or hot) on the way to work, heated or cooled cupholders solve the problem. That sounds amazing.

However, they’re entirely unnecessary. Buy an insulated coffee mug to keep your drink hot or cold. Instead, cars offer this insane feature that’ll cost you plenty of extra cash. We must admit; it’s one of the simpler, more awesome things we’ve seen in vehicles. This feature has been around for a surprisingly long time. noted they were available in a 2011 Chrysler 300C.

2. Massaging seats

2021 AudiQ7, a midsize luxury SUV facing forward
2021 Audi Q7 | Audi

Are you ever going to need a back massage while driving? It seems entirely unnecessary. Additionally, is there a chance this feature puts you to sleep? While it sounds like an excellent feature and the height of luxury, massage seats can be a bit dangerous. Getting too comfortable while driving can lead to drowsiness or inattention to the road. As a result, a massaging driver’s seat could cause the driver to stop doing the one thing they’re supposed to be doing: driving. Distraction is another reason this is an over-the-top car feature.

Alternatively, it is a fantastic idea for passengers. Especially during long road trips, a passenger would undoubtedly love to get a back massage. Unfortunately, massaging seats aren’t chiropractors or masseuses, so the treatment isn’t that great. For some, it feels pretty weird. Basically, bulging pieces in the seat move around your back and sometimes feel strangely like a person’s hands. In short, massaging seats are not necessary and can add cost to an expensive vehicle. This over-the-top feature is one you don’t need.

3. Your phone as a key

In 2022, cell phones can do just about everything. Pay for things at the store, call, text, email, play video games, and track your location. You name it, and your phone can probably do it. One of those things is turning it into your vehicle’s key. Unfortunately, this usually comes at a cost. Many automakers offer this service as a subscription system, meaning you’ll pay monthly or annually to use your phone as a key.

We think this feature is over-the-top, unnecessary, and too much to be worth it. Since cars have existed, owners have carried around keys and key fobs. On the one hand, this would likely solve many people’s problem of losing keys. How often do you lose your phone compared to your car keys? The phone is probably in your pocket or hand almost every minute you’re awake. While it can be convenient, it isn’t necessary for most people and will result in too high of a payment.

Over-the-top car features you don’t need

As far as car features go, they’re only necessary if you’re willing to pay for them. At the end of the day, even power windows and locks aren’t needed if you’re OK without them. However, some car features are just too much. Do you really need cooled/heated cupholders, massaging seats, or to use your phone as a key? In each case, these features will cost you much more money and will likely not be used much. Don’t let their coolness sway your opinion and drain your bank account. You don’t need these over-the-top car features.


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