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Do you own a Volkswagen Jetta? If you do, then you’re going to want to keep reading. This week, Volkswagen announced it is recalling over 210,000 Jetta sedans from 2016 through the 2018 model years. The problem? A potential fuel leak that could result in a fiery situation.

Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Jetta | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Why Volkswagen is recalling certain Jetta models

According to documents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Volkswagen is recalling certain Jetta models, model years 2016 through 2018 specifically. Per the NHTSA, Volkswagen is recalling these vehicles due to fuel rail bolts that may become loose over time, which could lead to a fuel leak. That leak, Volkswagen says, puts the Jetta at risk of catching fire.

If you own a Volkswagen Jetta and happen to catch a whiff of fuel odor or notice leaking fuel coming from the engine compartment, John Ibbotson, Consumer Reports’ Chief Automotive Services Manager, recommends pulling over immediately.

“If you notice either of these things, pull over and immediately to a safe location and shut the vehicle off. Never drive or run a vehicle that smells of fuel or is leaking,” Ibbotson explained.

How many vehicles are included in the recall?

Unfortunately for Volkswagen, quite a few Jetta models are included in this recall. At this time, the NHTSA has reported that 2016 through 2018 Volkswagen Jetta sedans manufactured between June 18, 2015, and Dec. 9, 2017 are being included in the recall, which amounts to a total of 218,192 Jetta models. 

Here’s what the next steps for Jetta owners will look like

Volkswagen is reportedly in the process of developing a remedy for the loose fuel rail bolts. The automaker says that the fix will involve tightening the fuel rail bolts, at the very least.

If you’re unsure whether your Jetta is included in the recall, know that owners of affected vehicles will be contacted via mail. You can also give Volkswagen customer service a ring at 1-888-241-2289.

Does this mean you should avoid the Volkswagen Jetta?

This isn’t the first time that the Volkswagen Jetta has been recalled. reports the Volkswagen Jetta has been recalled a total of 61 times. Recalls concerning the Jetta have ranged from improperly machined jacks to problems with its exterior lighting.

But do 61 recalls mean that you should avoid the Volkswagen Jetta altogether? That’s a good question. Take a gander at what Consumer Reports has to say about the Jetta, and avoiding it might be the right choice if you’re currently in the market for a new or used car.

According to Consumer Reports’ data, the Jetta has struggled in several areas. Its reliability ratings fluctuate drastically from year to year. It was given pretty low owner satisfaction ratings too, which is never a good thing.

What now?

Vehicles are recalled from time to time. So this recall isn’t the end of the world for Volkswagen. And while it may be inconvenient for Jetta owners, it’s best not to put yourself or your vehicle at risk by ignoring the recall. 


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