The Outdated 2017 Nissan Frontier Is Still Winning Awards

While the 2022 cars are slowly rolling out, critics are still stuck on the 2017 Nissan Frontier. What makes this Nissan pickup truck a favorite after so long? The towing capacity and reliability keep drivers returning for more, mostly because they don’t have to do anything else.

The Nissan Frontier isn’t all about the bells and whistles

While some drivers want the newest technology and features for the daily drive, that doesn’t apply here. Fans of the Frontier appreciate its simplicity. What the truck does, it does well.

The transmission is beefy enough to keep towing throughout the truck’s life, and with an estimated 21 miles per gallon combined, it won’t break the bank. It is capable of going to the store and the mud on one trip.

It also has a large bed to cater to any driver’s needs, but it isn’t so big that it is a burden. The Frontier is still considered a compact pickup truck, which means it can tow what you need, but don’t hook your yacht up to it for a daily driver.

Along with bells and whistles often comes a headache. The Frontier has enough features to keep the driver and passenger happy, but not enough to break on a regular basis.

J.D. Power just gave the 2017 Frontier the Performance Award

J.D. Power hasn’t overlooked this 2017 truck. In fact, the company recently gave it a performance award. This award is given to cars and trucks after collecting feedback from owners. That means it is like the People’s Choice Awards. Happy drivers determined the Frontier as the winner.

Nissan is still putting out new versions of the truck too. The 2022 Frontier is slated to come out later this year with a new look. With the update, the truck’s technology will get an update, along with a new look. The 3.8-liter V6 engine will still put out 310 hp with a nine-speed transmission standard.

The four-wheel drive will help get you out of sticky situations, and the new driver-assist features will automatically engage when in the proper mode. Nissan Safety Shield 360 has various driving features to keep you safe. Emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot warning, and high beam assist.

How many miles will the Nissan Frontier last?


This Is the Best Used Nissan Frontier Year to Look For

There are many used Frontiers available on the market with over 100,000 miles. This truck isn’t one to break down when it hits a certain mileage, especially with regular maintenance. Autotrader has a 2006 Frontier available with 211,246 miles for only $5,000.

U.S. News currently lists the 2020 model as the number six in compact pickup trucks. Number one in that category is the 2020 Honda Ridgeline followed by the 2021 Ford Ranger in number two.

Overall, this truck seems to make drivers and critics happy no matter what year you are looking at. With the new versions available and plenty of used options on the market, it is no wonder the Nissan Frontier is still popular. If you value simplicity and a reliable truck, you might have found the right one.