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More and more we’re seeing these last-mile mini trucks from small manufacturers coming onto the market. A case in point is this three-wheel EV utility vehicle from Arcimoto in Eugene, Oregon. But the good part is that it robustly performs better than those similar Modular Utility Vehicle (MUV) EVs we see from places like China’s Alibaba.

Who is the Arcimoto 3-wheel truck targeted to?

Arcimoto Modulat Utility truck
Arcimoto Modular Utility 3-Wheel truck | Arcimoto

The mini truck is an extension of Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicles (FUV) it already makes. It calls the MUV, “a workhorse for daily indoor and outdoor use for industrial mobility customers who need to move goods, materials, supplies, and equipment reliably, quietly, and sustainably.” 

Three-wheelers skirt around DOT crash protection requirements as they’re classified as “motorcycles.” So that’s part of the reason these types of vehicles are proliferating. They’re also much lighter without the extra crash protection and associated components. Also, they’re simpler, so there’s less to go wrong. 

CEO Chris Dawson told electrek, “Our customers are seeking highly versatile electric vehicles that are quiet, packed with performance, and are reliable for their daily round-the-clock needs and we are delivering that today to customers who require sustainable and cost-effective utility vehicles to get the job done right. They also value the optionality to make the vehicles their own, depending on their needs, with interchangeable options and add-ons.”

What is the Arcimoto truck’s payload?

Blue and white Arcimoto Modular Utility truck
Arcimoto Modular Utility 3-Wheel truck | Arcimoto

Another difference between other utility trucks and Arcimoto’s three-wheeler is payload and performance. With a 75 mph top speed, it qualifies for street-legal status. It also has a range of just over 100 miles. As far as payload, it can handle up to 500 lbs. 

Several bed configurations are available in different packages, and custom builds are available for customer needs. These configurations include the open flatbed Carrier Package, a traditional truck bed Utility Package, and an enclosed box Cargo Package. There is also a long list of accessories Archimoto offers. 

These run the gamut from standard and custom graphics packages, a seatback organizer, West Coast half doors, and several seat options and smaller components. 

What is the base price for the Arcimoto truck?

Arcimoto Modular Utility 3-Wheel truck side view
Arcimoto Modular Utility 3-Wheel truck | Arcimoto

The base Carrier Package starts at $23,500. Moving up to the Utility package is an additional $299, with the Cargo Package at $1,500. Granted, you can slide into a base Ford Maverick for the same price, but is it versatile enough for last-mile needs? The same goes for parking. 

But the fact you can get similar-price vehicles that offer more is something Archimoto should address. If there was a way to lower costs, it would exponentially increase interest and ultimately sales. But that’s an easy thing to suggest, but much harder to accomplish. 


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