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The Tesla magical inventory fairy is in action right now! One eagle-eyed Twitter use found a bunch of Tesla Model S Plaid vehicles already ready for delivery within Tesla inventory. This is the most anticipated electric vehicle release that has ever happened (EVs are cool now, OK?), so these likely won’t last long.

You can order a Tesla Model S Plaid for delivery by next week

You Can Order a Tesla Model S Plaid Right Now
You Can Order a Tesla Model S Plaid Right Now | Tesla

One Tesla fan found some random Model S inventory in a few places. Sawyer Merritt on Twitter shared a link to the Tesla Inventory that showed a variety of brand new 2021 models for sale. In the New York Metro area, around 10 2021 Model S Plaid vehicles were for sale at the full $135,490. Some Model S Long Range vehicles popped up in places like Houston and Hawaii.

In Miami, the same story was true. The 2021 Model S Plaid was available in a variety of colors. One in Deep Blue Metallic 21″ with the Arachnid Wheels and Autopilot for $137,990. A Pearl White Multi-Coat Plaid was located in Orlando for $136,490. Most of these options show the Cream Premium Interior with Walnut Décor except the Solid Black option. Those still have the All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor.

While the inventory online through the Tesla Design Studio still shows a date of January or February, these options show a delivery date at the end of August. Merritt was able to place an order with the $250 and get an actual VIN.

The mysterious Model S Plaid deliveries resume

Some of the other locations showing inventory include Chicago, Atlanta, and the Bay Area in California. The Bay Area has a ton of inventory as of right now. Tesla mysteriously delayed deliveries of the Model S Plaid a month ago and gave no explanation. The delivery dates for those came and went and a few buyers heard from Tesla. The rollout after that was slow.

It is possible these were vehicles that buyers did not follow through on. It’s also possible the buyer did not want the vehicle after such a lengthy wait. But while other people are waiting for the ordered Model S Plaids until February, you can be rolling around in your own Plaid by September.

Since Tesla recently started offering Full Self-Driving to a monthly fee, none of these vehicles had FSD attached. Autopilot is included, but buyers will have to add Full Self-Driving to get all of those features.

What’s the reason for this sudden influx of inventory?

According to Tesla-Info, there are only 48 Tesla Model S vehicles in stock in the entire country. Very few Pearl White options. There are only five at the time of publication, all with Cream Interior and 21″ with the Arachnid Wheels. At this point, no one knows why there are suddenly Model S vehicles available.

The 19″ Tempest Wheels offer better fuel economy. For the Plaid, the 19-inch wheels offer 396 miles of range. With the 21-inch wheels, that goes down to 348 miles. For the Long Range, the 21-inch wheels get 375 miles or range. The 19-inch wheels get 405 miles. Only about eight of the remaining options in inventory have 19-inch wheels.

So if you missed out on order a Tesla Model S Plaid or Long Range, do it. Like right now. Your $250 deposit might net you a new Model S before anyone else gets it. Plus, you can sell your old one back for an insane amount right now. What’s not to love about that?