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As an electric truck, the Ford F-150 Lightning is pretty popular. It’s been so popular that ordering one has been pretty difficult. That changes today, as you can now order an F-150 Lightning without a reservation. Pending any more production hurdles, hopefully, this means more folks can experience Ford’s electric truck. 

When can the F-150 Lightning be ordered?

Orders for the Ford F-150 Lightning open up on May 9th. The big news here is that orders are open to folks that don’t have a reservation for this electric truck. 

You might think that a battery-powered F-Series truck is a bit sacrilege. After all, aren’t pickups supposed to have a big V8 engine under the hood? Well, the Ford Lightning has been doing pretty well for itself. The year this EV was announced, over 200,000 reservations were placed. 

Things for the Ford F-150 Lightning haven’t been all sunshine and roses, though. The Blue Oval has faced issues with production and even recall notices over the potential for fires. But, the opening up of orders to the general public might mark a change. 

For now, the Ford Lightning is the electric truck

As it stands, Ford is one of the first mainstream manufacturers to get an electric truck to the market. Other brands like Ram and Chevy are hoping to come for the throne, but those EVs aren’t here yet. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning tows a trailer as an electric truck.
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

So until those new electric pickups arrive, the F-150 Lightning is the only major player. Unless you are counting something like the Rivian R1T, which doesn’t have over 100 years of experience building pickup trucks. 

Overall, it seems like the Lightning is carving out quite the place for itself. According to electrek, over 50% of electric F-150 buyers are coming from non-truck brands. Additionally, owners are doing more truck stuff than the typical full-size pickup owner. 

Can you buy an electric Ford truck?

Ford F-150 Lightning orders are open again. If you are lucky enough to order this EV pickup, you might be waiting on it for a bit. Current Ford Lightning wait times can be up to a year. The Blue Oval has announced that it is ramping up production of this full-size truck, so maybe that could change. 

But I have to imagine that Ford has a pretty hefty backlog of orders that it still needs to fulfill. At the same time, the F-150 Lightning is not the only electric truck that Ford has on the books. For 2025, we might see a different EV pickup enter the market. 

Ford F-150 Lighting orders are open, even without a reservation.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

This truck is dubbed Project T3, but we don’t have a lot of details about it yet. When it comes to undertakings like this, auto manufacturers usually try to keep tight lips on the matter. Although, sometimes, things do get leaked before the brand would prefer. That just happened with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, which had some pictures leaked on the internet. 

Until Project T3 arrives, the Lightning is the Ford electric truck. And folks without a reservation can now order one.

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