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When you start hunting around dealerships for that new Ram truck, you may be disappointed. That’s because inventories are very low, or sometimes nonexistent. But you can make an end-run around this by looking for your Ram online. Here’s how to order a new Ram truck.

What is Ram’s E-Shop Program

A black Ram 2500 is on display.
The Ram 3500 | Getty

Ram has its E-Shop Program; “bringing the dealership to you.” Not that you’d want a dealership in your front yard. But it will bring your new Ram truck to your front door once you fill in the little boxes. 

All of the models, options, trims-everything related to how you want your Ram to include are described. If you have questions, an online rep can assist with the answers. There is no pressure, it’s just an information source. 

In some cases, a search page pops up to show you vehicles similar to the one you are spec-ing within a day’s delivery. Maybe another dealer 150 miles away has the perfect truck in its inventory. If that is not the case, continue your order application. 

Ram has “Competitive Compare” which compares the competition

Promo shot of a red Ram 1500 Laramie G/T muscle truck parked in front of a sunset in the desert.
2022 1500 Laramie G/T | Stellantis

There is also a competition portal called Competitive Compare. You can compare the Ram truck you’ve just spec’d to similar trucks from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and Nissan. You can see how the truck you want to order rates for towing capacity, payload, or options. Maybe another truck actually fits your needs? 

Dealers can also help you with financing details if you have questions about a payment plan. Or you can fill out the order forms online yourself for a quick response on approval or denial. The application is set up with security so there is no worry about your personal information getting sent out worldwide.

The same goes for the leasing options portal. Keep in mind that some dealers will allow you to cancel a lease before your Ram truck is delivered. You may need to contact the dealer directly if that is something that might happen.

Ram E-Shop also has a payment calculator and trade-in portal

2022 Ram 3500
2022 Ram 3500 Heavy-Duty Longhorn Mega Cab Dually

Most Ram dealers are set up with a payment calculator with current interest rates. Just plug in the length of the loan you’re looking to pay off after spec-ing out your Ram. There is also a trade-in portal to receive an immediate offer. With used cars in as much demand as new ones, the price may surprise you.

Ram can also help with warranty info, and also upfitting to really personalize your truck or van. And especially for work trucks and chassis cabs, the portal can direct you to a local shop to have a container box, flatbed, or other use. 

Build wait times are a little fluid at the moment

The grille and bumper of a RAM 4000 work truck
2022 Ram 4000 | Stellantis

Ram is a little more guarded about delivery wait periods. But that information might be available now that assembly plants are cranking out vehicles consistently; most running three full shifts to meet demand. Delivery to your door after it arrives at the dealership is easier to answer. Once it arrives the dealer will contact you to set up a convenient time, and then you’re set for the new arrival.

The E-Shop Program is a pretty painless way to order the truck you want. No, there is no negotiating on the price. That may make it worth talking to a dealer directly to see if there is any wiggle room. Right now, with the inventory situation, it is somewhat doubtful that too many dealers are lowering their prices. 


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