Opus Makes the Luxurious Campers You Probably Never Heard Of

Having your own camper can help you feel more at home, no matter where you venture off to. If you feel inspired to take on an off-road adventure, you might be overwhelmed by the camper models that you can choose. Maybe you want something rugged, or perhaps even upscale. Fortunately, companies like Opus blend the best of both worlds.  

What’s Opus?

As you’ve probably already heard, RV camper living or boondocking is trendier than ever. More people are interested in traveling off-road, especially given the ongoing pandemic. The growing trend has influenced new brands like Opus to create luxury campers that make exploring the wilderness easier. 

Even though Opus is relatively new to the camper game, critics are already saying that the startup is taking off-roading to the next level. The company has dubbed its lineup of off-road-oriented trailers as “tough luxury.” Each of the brand’s models comes equipped with helpful features such as an independent suspension with shock absorbers, mud tires, and a standard rock guard. Opus designed these features to easily maneuver rough terrains.  

Tough, luxurious, and family-friendly 

On the inside, the Opus Lite is comfortable and airy.
The inside of an Opus Lite camper| Opus

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Opus offers a variety of trailer options to accommodate groups big and small. The company’s smallest model is the Opus Lite. This compact camper is ideal for weekend warriors, and you can haul it with a small SUV or a Jeep. Pricing for this option starts at $19,900.

A grey Opus Lite trailer at a campsite.
Opus Lite camper | Opus

The Opus Lite’s dry weight is 2,380 pounds, and it only takes 90 seconds to inflate. Additionally, this option allows you to live off-grid for two full days and includes a 20-gallon tank to hold your water supply and a 20-pound propane tank to source your stove. The Opus Lite also has a battery to supply your air pump and lights, plus a solar panel to help keep your batteries charged. 

Opus also offers another compact option in the form of its two-sleeper tent trailer, the OP2. This option is practical and lightweight. The OP2 has built-in hot water and an additional shower extension space. 

An OP15 caravan off-road.
OP15 caravan | Opus

For a grander and eco-friendly experience, step up to the OP15. The OP15 is a hybrid caravan with a 300-watt solar system to maintain your power on the road. It also has an upscale interior complete with bamboo cabinetry, leatherette seats, a shower/sink/toilet ensuite, and a 12v television.

The bedroom area of the OP15 caravan.
OP15 caravan interior | Opus

Another Opus variant to consider is the OP4, which can sleep up to six people. This model could be the perfect choice for glampers who still want to enjoy the great outdoors. The OP4 has an eight-foot ceiling and plenty of windows to let in natural sunlight. Like the Opus Lite, the OP4 inflates in 90 seconds. The OP4 also features a stainless-steel outdoor kitchen and is off-road ready. 

Where can I buy an Opus?

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Opus doesn’t sell its luxury campers directly, so you’ll have to find one of its partner dealerships closest to you. Not every state has its own approved dealership, but the company says it’s working on that. You can search for local dealers near you on the company’s website