Operation Blazing Speed: Chevrolet Blazer Supercharged by Lingenfelter

While relatively affordable, the Chevrolet Blazer hasn’t had the smoothest debut. In addition to the UAW issues, the base engine has been criticized for its lack of power. Opting for the turbocharged four-cylinder or the V6 does improve things. But some owners—actually, quite a few—still want more than 308 hp. Luckily, the Blazer’s V6 is the same found in the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Which explains the latest news from Michigan-based tuner Lingenfelter. The company has used the knowledge gained from supercharging the Colorado to do the same for the Blazer.

What’s included with the supercharged Chevrolet Blazer

As with the supercharged ZR2-L, the supercharged Blazer will use an Edelbrock supercharger. While official power figures weren’t available at the time, Muscle Cars and Trucks reports the kit boosts the 3.6-liter V6 from 308 hp to 450 hp at the crank. Torque figures are still unavailable.

But supercharging a crossover is more than simply slapping a supercharger on the engine. For usability and longevity, there are a few more modifications that need to be made. And although Lingenfelter’s competitor, Mallett expressed concern that Lingenfelter was pushing the engine too far, the Michigan tuner’s 500 hp ZR2 seems to have disproved this. The Blazer supercharger kit will most likely contain many of the upgrades that Colorado also received. These include an air-to-water intercooler with external reservoir tank and a GM Performance intake.

And it might even be possible for the supercharged Blazer to reach 500 hp, too. Muscle Cars and Trucks reports that Lingenfelter plans on offering a pulley upgrade for the supercharged V6. This pulley is what let the ZR2 reach that level of power.

Lingenfelter kit availability and pricing

2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS
2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS | Chevrolet

At the moment, Lingenfelter is only planning on making one supercharged Blazer. However, the tuner has received an “unexpected” level of demand for this type of kit. This first crossover is most likely a development mule, meant to test modifications and engine tuning.

According to Motor1, a Blazer receiving would have to have all-wheel drive. Fortunately, although the Blazer’s V6 is mounted transversely, there’s still enough room for the supercharger to fit. This should keep installation and tuning costs relatively close to the Colorado’s and Canyon’s. At the moment, the kit for those two trucks costs $6,995.

How a supercharged Chevrolet Blazer would compare to the competition

2019 Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT
2019 Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT | Jeep

Supercharging the V6 would let the Blazer compare favorably to several other high-power SUVs and crossovers. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT makes 475 hp from a 6.4-liter V8. However, it’s a full SUV and starts at $68,590. The V6 Blazer, on the other hand, starts at $38,695. Even with the kit, a supercharged Blazer would be roughly $20k cheaper.

2019 Ford Edge ST
2019 Ford Edge ST | Ford

However, the Lingenfelter-tuned Blazer would have a significant edge over its closest rival, the Ford Edge ST. The Edge ST also has a supercharged V6, but a smaller 2.7-liter one. It only develops 335 hp, though, at a $42,335 starting price, it would be cheaper than the Blazer.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer Premier
2019 Chevrolet Blazer Premier | Chevrolet

At the moment, Lingenfelter hasn’t revealed any official details about the Blazer kit on its website. However, this would be a chance to get the Blazer SS Chevrolet won’t offer. That would be something to look forward to.