OnStar Insurance Is Creepy but Could Save You Money

Driving can be relaxing and enjoyable for some motorists, but it can also be stressful. Inclement weather, flat tires, and missed exits can put drivers and their passengers in less-than-ideal situations. Everyone wants to feel they can depend on their insurance company in times of need. But now, more than ever, people also are being mindful of their budgets.

General Motors recently announced OnStar Insurance, and it’s one worth considering. Though OnStar Insurance might sound creepy, it still can save drivers a decent chunk of change. Let’s take a look at the auto insurance announcement that has people talking.

General Motors’ exciting announcement about insurance 

Selecting the right car insurance isn’t always easy. Each insurance company has its pros and cons, some more than others, but General Motors (GM) recently made an announcement that could change the insurance game for drivers everywhere.

GM shared that moving forward, its customers will be able to buy insurance plans directly through the well-trusted automaker. The company is slated to roll out OnStar Insurance Services nationwide by 2021. However, drivers should note that GM intends to sell these plans to non-GM owners. 

The details behind GM’s OnStar Insurance 

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GM’s new insurance agency is targeted at transforming the auto insurance industry. The plans are grounded in digital experiences that allow GM to provide “secure, fair, and personalized” services. For the past two decades, GM has been empowering drivers through OnStar by incorporating services and features that allowed customers to drive with peace of mind. GM seems incredibly excited about being able to turn this brand into an exclusive insurance agency. 

The groundbreaking technology behind OnStar Insurance is giving GM an edge. No one wants to find themselves in a car accident, but drivers who are covered under GM’s new insurance will be able to benefit from services such as Automatic Car Response.

However, the data collected about the driver and the vehicle sets this plan apart from competitors. With users’ consent, OnStar Insurance will make calculated and fair decisions based on how much each individual uses their car and what that looks like. OnStar Insurance will be able to pull data directly from a vehicle and adjust the rates accordingly. Customers who practice good driving habits will be rewarded and end up saving a decent amount of money. 

Are other agencies doing anything similar to OnStar Insurance? 

Using technology to monitor and track an individual’s driving isn’t a totally new concept, but it’s definitely becoming more common. Progressive and State Farm are two insurers known to monitor drivers’ habits to reward them. Tesla Insurance has also made plans to head in the same direction. General Motors hopes to surpass competitors and become a leading force in the automobile insurance industry.  

However, some consumers might be hesitant to buy in immediately. Certain people are wary that OnStar Insurance’s services could cause a negative or creepy Big Brother effect because of the way drivers’ information is collected and tracked. But others will see that the savings outweigh theories about an invasion of privacy. OnStar Insurance Services seems to be an excellent opportunity for trusted drivers to take advantage of well-deserved savings.