Only Tesla Model X Owners Know About These Features

When it comes to owning a car, you learning more about little features or weird traits that the car has that most people wouldn’t know about. The Mini Cooper, for example, has hidden cubbies and lighting features you wouldn’t know about from just a simple test drive. The Tesla Model X is like other cars in this way, except the hidden features happen to be way cooler.

From the very start

Even from the very mundane tasks, the Model X is a bit confusing. If you sit down in the driver’s seat it may take you a few minutes of looking around to realize there is no place to turn the key on. There’s no small initiation button on the steering wheel or dash to start the car either. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you might just spend more than a few minutes trying to figure out how to get the Model X to turn on. Tesla Model X owners know the secret to turn the car on, and it’s actually rather simple. With the key in the car, simply press and hold on the brake pedal. The driver door will swing closed – if it isn’t already – and the car will start.

More than just cool doors

The key fob is more than a cute little model of the car. The fob may not look like it has any buttons, but it actually has several buttons that can be used to open all of the doors. Tapping the little button where the little car window is will open that door on the Model X. Tapping the small Tesla “T” on the hood of that mini car opens the car’s hood, and because there is no engine under the front hood, there is a hidden storage compartment here. Gently tapping the top-back of the key fob releases the trunk lid.

The automatic doors of the Tesla Model X are no secret, but being able to control all of the doors with the key fob is still pretty cool. There is still another fun way to control all of the doors of the Tesla Model X just from the comfort of the front seats, and without ever touching the door handles. A screen on the infotainment system shows your car and all of the open or closed doors, and you can use this screen to open or close the doors as well. This works for the front hood and the trunk as well. The screen will actually show what position the doors are in when they are opened and closed, as well as showing in real-time how they are positioned during the process of opening and closing.

A beautiful, sunny view

If you’ve ever gotten to sit inside a Model X you’ve probably noticed that the big windshield continues up well over the driver and passenger’s heads, giving a bright a beautiful view that makes the car feel airy and spacious. The light makes the car seem open and bright, but when the sun is shining in, there is no obvious sun visor to keep the light from completely blinding you. Tesla thought ahead on this though and made a small visor that extends from the driver or passenger side A-pillars. They attached to the rearview mirror and then fold down. This simple and sleek design offers all of the practicality without disrupting your view.

The Tesla Model X is a pretty cool car, and it’s just one of the many great options offered by this newer manufacturer. All of the fun features that only owners really know about keep the car fun and updated, and even make it a little bit futuristic, and Tesla has been know to throw in some cool easter egg features for owners every now and then, too.