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If you’re like so many other buyers, a full-size truck is just too much to handle. Alternatively, the midsize pickup segment is booming with exciting options. New models, new trim levels, and more are overflowing from the crowded class of vehicles. More importantly, almost every model is shockingly affordable, at least for the base models. However, only two midsize trucks start above $30,000, the Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator. They’re by far the most expensive options.

2 midsize trucks start above $30,000

White Honda Ridgeline - one of the more expensive midsize trucks that starts above $30,000 along with the Jeep Gladiator
2021 Ridgeline Sport (HPD) | Honda

The midsize truck class is popular and therefore crowded. Nearly every popular automaker sells a midsize pickup offering, plus a few “compact” models that fit in with the midsize competition. Just about every model is affordable except for two, the only ones that start above $30,000. Those models are the Jeep Gladiator and Honda Ridgeline.

If you’re in the market for an affordable midsize truck, steer clear of these two options. Jeep’s pickup starts at $35,610 for the base model, according to KBB. Next, the Honda Ridgeline’s base model costs a whopping $37,640. Those prices are far higher than any other model in the midsize truck segment.

Other midsize pickups are much more affordable.

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is a less expensive midsize truck that starts below $30,000
2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

From the new compact trucks, all the way up to the most popular midsize, the segment is affordable. Even the ever-popular Toyota Tacoma is available starting at $26,700 for the base model. It’s no wonder it remained the top seller for Q1 of 2022. Why would anyone pay $10,000 extra for models that don’t offer the reliability of a Tacoma?

For the most part, midsize trucks are similarly priced to the class-leading Tacoma. However, new compact models crowded the segment even more and made another reason not to buy the overpriced options. For example, a 2022 Ford Maverick starts at just $20,000, but even the top Lariat trim is only $25,860. Moreover, customers save around $13,000 by buying the new Hyundai Santa Cruz base model instead of a Ridgeline. Hyundai’s compact model will run you $24,440.

ModelBase MSRP
Ford Maverick$19,995
Hyundai Santa Cruz$24,440
Chevy Colorado$25,435
GMC Canyon$26,800
Toyota Tacoma$26,700
Ford Ranger$25,500
Nissan Frontier$28,340
Honda Ridgeline$37,640
Jeep Gladiator$35,610
Prices are from the automakers.

Car and Driver recommend even more expensive versions of the 2 midsize trucks

The worst part about the base model Ridgeline being far more expensive than other midsize pickups is that the base model isn’t recommended. Experts like Car and Driver recommend at least buying the RTL model. Unfortunately, that’s even more expensive and exceeds the $40,000 mark with destination fees. According to CAD, the Ridgeline RTL is $41,845 with fees, which is more expensive than the range-topping Nightshade trim for the Toyota Tacoma.

Moreover, the Jeep Gladiator Sport and Willy Sport trims are the only ones below $40,000. CAD‘s recommendation, however, is the Sport S model, which starts at $41,080. That’s more expensive than the top Tacoma, Ranger, and Nissan Frontier trim levels. In short, the best trims for the most costly models make them even less affordable. Other models remain more affordable even when you opt for a fully loaded pickup.

Only 2 midsize trucks start above $30,000

Out of every midsize pickup truck, only two start above $30,000. Having an option below the $30K mark is vital to the success of many affordable models. That means buyers who require more features will pay more and more for the best versions. The Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator are excellent midsize trucks but are far more expensive than other options. For Q1 of 2022, the best-selling models are the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.


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