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Buying a cheap, long-lasting sedan is prudent for car shoppers who aren’t ready to slap down big bucks on a new or luxury car. However, getting your money’s worth doesn’t have to be tricky, especially if you consider this used Chevy sedan. The Chevrolet Impala is one of iSeeCars’ top-performing sedans for the money, with the lowest cost per 1,000 miles of ownership from the last 10 years

Is a Chevrolet Impala a good car?

The Chevrolet Impala is a good car for used vehicle shoppers who want an affordable car to go the distance. For instance, the Chevrolet Impala is the only vehicle on iSeeCars’ list of the top 10 best used sedans for the money with a price per 1,000 miles of less than $100.

The Chevrolet Impala like this one is a discontinued Chevy sedan with a cheap cost to own.
Chevrolet Impala | General Motors

Specifically, a 10-year-old Chevrolet Impala costs around $87 per 1,000 miles of ownership. That’s good news for used car shoppers who want a car that promises longevity for an affordable price. 

Can you still buy a Chevrolet Impala?

While Chevy doesn’t produce the Impala sedan anymore, used car shoppers can still find used examples. According to CarBuzz, the Impala has been in constant production since its eighth generation started in 2000, and the marque discontinued it in 2020. Overall, that’s 10 generations of Impala and three modern interpretations over the course of the last 23 years.  

The Chevrolet Impala has one of the best costs to own among Chevy sedans and other cars.
Chevrolet Impala | Stan Honda, AFP via Getty Images

However, iSeeCars says a 10-year-old Chevrolet Impala and comparable cars are some of the best sedans for the value. For instance, the Impala from that timeframe has an average value of $9,706 for a vehicle that promises an above-average lifespan and low ownership costs. Moreover, the Impala is one of just two cars in the segment with average used car prices under $10,000; the only other vehicle to come close is the Mazda Mazda6

Do Chevy Impalas last long?

A Chevrolet Impala could last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. Further, a 10-year-old example has a potential lifespan of around 230,343 miles with a remaining life expectancy of nearly 50%. 

That’s a good prospect for shoppers who want a cheap, long-lasting Chevy sedan option with a segment-leading ownership cost and an average used car price below $10,000. In fact, iSeeCars says a 10-year-old Impala could have as much as 111,996 miles left in its lifespan. The only cars iSeeCars expects to have as much life ahead of them are the Toyota Avalon and Honda Accord. 

What problems do Chevy Impalas have?

The Chevy Impala, depending on its generation, could have issues like faulty transmission pressure control solenoids. In a 2012 Chevy Impala, that issue leads to erratic shifting. 

According to RepairPal, the 2012 Chevrolet Impala has annual maintenance costs of around $586, depending on mileage and location. Moreover, an Impala from that timeframe has a couple of recalls. For instance, an ignition lock issue sometimes leads to a stuck key. 

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