Only 1 Volvo Model Improved Reliability in 2022, According to Consumer Reports

Every year, Consumer Reports asks members how they feel about their vehicles in the Auto Reliability Survey. Some of the questions revolve around the engine, power, tech, and body frame to name a few items. This data is then computed to see whether vehicles have improved or gotten worse, and this is then used to figure out which are truly reliable. Volvo only had one vehicle that improved this year, and it was the S60.

A new Volvo S60 driving on an empty road.
Volvo S60 | Volvo Media

Insights from the Consumer Reports survey

One of the major insights from this survey was that EVs are not as reliable as the hype might have one think. It’s important to remember that this is coming from owners who drive these vehicles day and night, and they were very honest about how reliable they found their EV to be.

Consumer Reports also pointed out that thanks to more EVs hitting the streets due to more availability and cheaper prices, a greater number of people are speaking out. According to Consumer Reports, owners are frustrated with drive motors, charging systems, and the battery packs that have issues. 

On the other hand, hybrids have few problems. Those who answered the survey were pleased with the cheaper price, and lower cost of fuel, and were overall better than non-hybrid models. Sedans were also praised for being the most reliable vehicles of them all.

Pickup trucks, in spite of their vast popularity, revealed a wide range of problems. Even though they have issues, they continue to outsell sedans.

The Volvo S60 saw some improvements

The Volvo S60 didn’t exactly blow Consumer Reports out of the water with its improved design. In fact, most of the scores were merely middling. Even though it is ranked as reliable, the review site didn’t have a ton of good things to say about the Volvo S60.

According to Consumer Reports,

“We weren’t as impressed once the S60 started moving. Like in other Volvos, the S60’s suspension struggles to smooth out road imperfections, leaving passengers feeling all of the thumps. Factoring in the slow-to-respond steering, the S60 feels neither sporty nor luxurious to drive. The Volvo feels quick in everyday driving, but its competitors—such as the A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class—accelerate faster.”

The biggest complaint of them all had to do with the infotainment system, which is an attention hog. To complete simple tasks that only take one or two taps on a typical infotainment system, drivers are forced to scroll through several screens just to do what they need to. This means less time looking at the road, and more time looking at the screen.

It’s not all bad, however. The Volvo S60 looks great and has a simplicity that is rather pleasing. The interior is quiet and there is plenty of room for both the driver and the passengers.

There were several vehicles that saw improvement


The 2022 Volvo S60 PHEV Nabs Best Luxury Plug-in Hybrid Award

The Volvo S60 wasn’t the only vehicle that improved in 2022. There were several other vehicles as well.

The Chevy Corvette, which is a consumer favorite, made the list. This much-loved muscle car is well-known for its looks, speed, and power. The price is out of most consumers’ budget range, but it’s not surprising that owners feel like Chevy has made progress with the design.

Another vehicle that managed to improve was the Subaru Ascent. This vehicle is often overshadowed by the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek, but it’s three-row seats give it a slight edge. It’s due for a big redesign in 2023 and a price hike, which may turn some consumers away in favor of something a little cheaper.

Some of the other vehicles on Consumer Reports’ list of vehicles that improved were the Toyota Corolla Hatchback, Hyundai Santa Fe, Buick Enclave, Ford Escape Hybrid, Lincoln Corsair, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Rogue, and the Mini Cooper.