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Cadillac is an American automaker with a long history of making high-quality cars, and the company has even produced pickup trucks before. The Cadillac Escalade EXT was a full-size luxury pickup truck that the automaker produced for a few years before killing it off. That said, car shoppers can still buy a used version of the Cadillac Escalade EXT for under $25,000. Here’s a look at the best and most affordable model year option for used Escalade EXTs.

A brief history of the Cadillac Escalade EXT 

As the name suggests, the Cadillac Escalade EXT was based on the Escalade platform. The full-size truck was as large as an Escalade SUV, but rather than having a third row of seats, Cadillac swapped those seats out for a truck bed. The first generation of the Escalade EXT lasted from 2002 to 2006, and it came with a 5-foot truck bed, though the automaker offered options that included an 8-foot bed. 

The Caddy truck was powered by a 6.0-liter V8 engine that got 350 hp, giving it a fuel economy of about 13 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on highways, for 15 mpg combined. The truck’s interior was well-equipped for the time, so a brand-new version of the vehicle started at about $49,000.

The truck’s second generation lasted from 2007 to 2013 and had some significant changes from the first. Cadillac used the chassis of the Chevy Silverado to build the second generation of the Escalade EXT, and the Detroit-based automaker gave the truck a new exterior look as well. However, the automaker struggled during the Great Recession, and the Caddy truck was killed off not long after due to poor sales.

Drivers can own a used 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT for cheap

A Cadillac Escalade EXT luxury pickup truck model on display at DUB Show 2015 in Los Angeles, California
A Cadillac Escalade EXT at DUB Show 2015 | Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Drivers didn’t flock to the Cadillac Escalade EXT during its run, but the truck can still be a solid option for truck lovers on a budget, according to U.S. News. The 2009 model year of the Cadillac truck ranked at No. 17 on the list of the best used full-size trucks that cost less than $25,000. The car critic gave the truck an overall score of 8.6 out of 10. 

On average, buyers paid about $11,000 to buy a used 2009 Escalade EXT. That’s a very affordable price tag considering what the truck offered to drivers. This model year of the Caddy truck came with a single engine option, a 6.2-liter V8 that got 403 hp. This powerful engine allowed the truck to tow up to 7,600 pounds. 

However, the best part about the Caddy truck was its interior. It didn’t have that many tech features compared to modern cars, but its interior was described as “opulent” and “top-of-the-class” by U.S. News. The truck also offered leather upholstery and a few tech features, such as remote start capability.

Here are some other great pickup trucks under $25,000

One of the Cadillac Escalade EXT’s flaws was that its towing capacity was lower than its rivals, so some drivers opted for different trucks. The best used full-size truck under $25,000 is currently the 2013 Ram 1500. It got an overall score of 9.2 out of 10; since it’s a decade old, it costs between $12,000 to $23,000 for one.

The 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 is another good used truck option. It has an overall score of 9.1 out of 10. Due to its age, it’s even more affordable than the Ram 1500 or the Escalade EXT, as it costs between $8,000 to $14,000. 

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