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There is one tech feature found in just about every vehicle today that is missing from the 2018 Toyota Camry. This feature makes every commute easier, and every long road trip so much shorter for many drivers. It keeps you connected safely while you are behind the wheel, and for many consumers, it is a must-have feature for modern-day driving. 

Here is everything you need to know about the 2018 Camry and the one vital feature it is missing that may have you considering a newer model.

A red 2018 Toyota Camry on display at an auto show.
A 2018 Toyota Camry | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Does the 2018 Toyota Camry have Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto?

No, the 2018 Toyota Camry does not have any type of dedicated smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto according to U.S. News. Around 2018, Toyota was still pushing its own smartphone integration system which was called Entune. 

Through this choppy and unintuitive system, drivers could have hands-free phone calls, audio playback via USB or Bluetooth, and GPS navigation through the Scout GPS Link app, but without Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto, it was never a seamless experience and it left many drivers frustrated.

Which Toyota Camry models have Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto?

Luckily, every other Camry built after the 2018 model year has been equipped with Apple CarPlay. From the 2019 model year to today, every Camry has been offered with Apple CarPlay as standard equipment. 

Oddly enough, Android Auto was not offered until the 2020 model year Camry, although from 2020 onward, both Apple and Andriod smartphone integration systems have been offered as standard equipment.

Can Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto be installed on an older car?

Typically, vehicles produced without Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto cannot be retrofitted to include the program, but the 2018 Toyota Camry is different. Toyota released a free upgrade for Camry and Sienna owners that will allow these vehicles to be retrofitted with Apple and Andriod’s integration technology at any Toyota dealership.

While the service itself is free, some dealers may charge an installation and shop fee at their discretion. This is a quick 30-minute update that changes the entire driving experience of your 2018 Toyota, and worth it for those who own one of these vehicles.

Is a 2018 Toyota Camry worth it?

The 2018 Toyota Camry was already a wonderful vehicle that competed at the top of its class, but now that Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto can be installed for free, these vehicles should be on any car buyer’s list. 

With the 2018 smartphone integration update being newer, some consumers may be able to get a deal on a 2018 Camry if it is yet to be updated to the newest technology. Either way, the 2018 Camry is definitely worth your consideration!


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