Only 1 Mini Model Improved Reliability in 2022, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has released the latest findings from its annual Auto Reliability Survey, which reveals the vehicles that have improved, and those that have not. Owners were able to report any problems they had with their new vehicles over the past 12 months, such as issues with performance, paint job, engine, and infotainment system, to name a few. Mini didn’t exactly shine in this survey, as there was only one model that showed any improvement out of its entire lineup.

The Mini EV is one of the EVs that, in the snow, might lose EV battery power due to cold weather. .
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The Consumer Reports reliability survey was very revealing

For those looking for a new or slightly used vehicle, the latest Auto Reliability Survey from Consumer Reports has some key insights which will make choosing the right vehicle less stressful. One that wasn’t exactly a surprise is that sedans are still the most reliable vehicles on the market.

On a less-than-pleasing front, many owners are reporting a wide range of issues with EVs. Many of these problems involve the charging systems, battery packs, and drive motors.

It’s not all bad news for those who want to go electric, however. Hybrids actually proved to have great reliability scores. The fact that they help save money on gas, and cost less overall, was a big selling point for many consumers. 

Pickup trucks also did not fair as well. In spite of their growing popularity, they have a range of issues that don’t really seem to be improving. 

The Mini Cooper has improved since last year

In 2022, Mini updated several of its models. Some of the changes made included a digital instrument cluster, lane-departure warning, and a 12-month subscription to SiriusXM for all trim levels. 

There were also some minor changes, such as the removal of fog lights to increase aerodynamics. In spite of this, the Cooper was the only Mini that ranked in the improved reliability category.

The base trim comes equipped with a 134 hp, 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that is adequate enough. The Cooper S comes equipped with a more powerful 189 hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that brings more of the fun that Minis are so well known for. 

The Mini Cooper was praised by Consumer Reports for its sporty, fun ride, especially when driven on curvy roads. 

Consumer Reports stated, “The Mini may have lost some of its original, nimble go-kart handling, but it’s still taut, agile, and fun to drive. The car turns on a dime, and the body leans hardly at all. Turn-in response is quick, and even more rapid in the Cooper S.”

Not all is perfect with the Mini Cooper, however. The learning curve for the controls and road noise were less than pleasing. Most of the scores were fairly high, but the rear seats received the lowest score that Consumer Reports gives. 

These models also improved


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Several other models in the survey were rated as improved by owners. Even though the Toyota Corolla always receives high praise, the Hatchback is often not received as well thanks to being less comfortable than the sedan model. In spite of this, Toyota has made some strides in the right direction, and many owners feel that it has gotten better.

The Genesis G80 and GV70 have also improved. Genesis, the luxury brand of Hyundai, is still a fairly new brand, and continues to bring new vehicles into the lineup. In spite of this, the growing brand is able to compete with more established brands like Audi and BMW.

Other vehicles that saw improvement and are now recommended by Consumer Reports include the Subaru Ascent, Hyundai Santa Fe, Chevrolet Corvette, Volvo S60, Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape Hybrid, Lincoln Corsair, and Kia Seltos to name a few.