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In a sea of family SUVs, there is only one used midsize car under $20,000 on Kelley Blue Books’ top 10 list for best-used family cars. That title belongs to the 2017 Honda Accord. Although ranked at number 9 on their list, the 2017 Honda Accord was a KBB Best Family Car award winner when new. The 2017 Accord is practical, comfortable, efficient, and safe. But does coupling those necessities with good tech throughout an upscale interior make the Accord the one to buy?

Is the 2017 Honda Accord Sport a good car?

2017 Honda Accord Sport Sedan
2017 Honda Accord Sport | Honda

Showing up on Kelley Blue Books’ top 10 list for best-used family or midsize cars is nothing to scoff at. The 2017 Honda Accord Sport is a well-rounded vehicle. Starting with its powerful but efficient engines. The base engine is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that makes 189 horsepower. 

An optional 3.5-liter V6 is available, bumping power up to a respectable 278 horsepower. Fuel economy for both engines rings in at 30 mpg combined for the four-cylinder and 25 mpg combined for the V6, respectively. 

Does the 2017 Honda Accord Sport have good features?

2017 Honda Accord Interior
2017 Honda Accord | Honda

Even with the 2017 Accord Sport coming up at six years of age, the features throughout the interior still feel fresh. With both coupe and sedan variants, you’ll find roomy seating for five passengers. Leather, power-adjustable, and heated front seats are optional in all models. Heated rear seats are available for the sedan as well. Standard on the Accord Sport is a gesture-controlled infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as an optional extra.

Standard dual-zone climate control, an 8-inch display, and a backup camera are seen in every model. Optional extras include a power moonroof, push-to-start, seven-speaker premium audio system, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and Honda’s LaneWatch camera. Finding a model with most of these features is fairly common and a great bargain in the used market.

What problems do 2017 Honda Accords have?


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The 2017 Honda Accord ranks 1st out of 24 for midsize cars in reliability. With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from Repairpal, it is easy to see why the Accord is so well loved, even throughout other generations. With only one recall, the 2017 Accord seems to be holding up well to the test of time. The recall is for engine stalling from reduced fuel pump performance. Only affecting a limited number of the model, it is nothing to be too concerned about.

One of the largest issues for the 2017 Accord is a reported “No Start” issue. These are due to a failed ignition switch and are the most common replacement part for the Accord. Other issues, such as displays going dark, faulty door locks actuators, and nitpicks like difficult voice recognition, are noted by drivers.

Should you buy a 2017 Honda Accord Sport?

With the Accord being a staple of the midsize sedan market, you can buy with confidence when it comes to the 2017 model year. Great safety ratings, powerful but efficient engines, modern technology, and well-rounded styling make it a phenomenal choice. According to KBB, you can find a 2017 Honda Accord Sport for just shy of $20,000 and under 100,000 miles. If you are able to find one for less, you are getting a great deal for how much the Accord offers in return.