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If you’re used car shopping, and you’re specifically in the market for a hatchback, there is no shortage of options. However, if you’re looking for something with a little bit more luxury to it, unfortunately, you’re not in all that great of shape unless you have a substantial budget. If you’re looking to spend under $10,000, there’s really only one option. Worry not, though, because it’s a great one!

2009 Audi A3 is the only luxury hatchback to make the list

Front 3/4 of Red Audi A3 Luxury hatchback from 2009
2009 Audi A3 | Ryan McFadden/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

U.S. News put out a list of the best used hatchbacks you can buy for under $10,000 in 2022. While there’s a myriad of selections from Honda, Volkswagen, Kia, and Hyundai, there’s only one luxury hatchback offering to make the top 10; the 2009 Audi A3.

There’s a lot to love about the Audi A3, so it makes sense that U.S. News gives it such high regard.

Inside, the A3 has an upscale leather interior as standard. So, no need to worry about buying a base model with cloth seats. Additionally, satellite radio and an AUX input became standard for the 2009 model year as well. It also features a 10-speaker audio system, dual-zone climate control, and optional Bluetooth connectivity. Between the creature comforts and amenities, this luxury hatchback is a great vehicle to be inside of for an extended period of time.

That’s not just because it’s comfortable, either. The Audi A3 has nimble handling characteristics and a sports car-like feel from behind the wheel. Additionally, with up to 250 horsepower available from the 3.2-liter V6 or 200 horsepower from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, the A3 offers plenty of grunt for a spirited driving experience. Best of all, Audi produced A3s with the legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system with both engine offerings.

Finally, the A3 offers pretty fantastic fuel economy in both engine offerings, too. The 2.0-liter option sees EPA ratings of 22 mpg city and 30 mpg highway, while the V6 option drops those numbers to 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

The A3 is safe, fun, and has a ton of aftermarket support

2.0 TFSI engine badge on red 2009 Audi A3 sportback luxury hatchback
2009 Audi A3 | Ryan McFadden/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

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The A3 has fantastic safety ratings, fun engine options, and gets good fuel economy. Save for the cramped legroom in the rear seat, which you might expect for a small hatchback; there’s not much to complain about.

Best of all, the Audi A3 has loads of aftermarket support from various companies. So, it’s not hard to make an Audi A3 your own.
Those looking to modify their new vehicle should undoubtedly spring for the 2.0-liter turbo option. Though it’s down 50 horsepower compared to the V6 offering, some simple modifications like exhaust, intake, and tuning can easily make up for that power and then some.

Overall, the A3 makes a great car whether you’re looking for something to daily drive without feeling uncomfortable or boring yourself to death or you’re after something that you can modify to your heart’s content.