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Picking a car that meets your needs and handles inclement weather can be a challenge. However, only some want a high-riding truck, SUV, or crossover. Instead, a sure-footed sedan can deliver you and your family safely in bad weather, including rain or snow. Still, only one large car is iSeeCars’ pick for the best large car for driving in the snow, the Dodge Charger AWD. 

What type of car is best for snow?

Choosing a good car for snow requires an understanding of cold weather hazards. For instance, iSeeCars identified issues like reduced traction when traversing icy roads and reduced visibility in inclement weather. To pick the best car for driving in the snow, you should look for winter-friendly safety features, like all-wheel drive (AWD), ABS, driver assistance suites, and traction control. Moreover, the best sedans to handle winter weather will have convenient features like heated components and remote start to warm the vehicle’s cabin. 

The Dodge Charger with AWD is iSeeCars pick for the best large car for snow driving.
Dodge Charger GT | Stellantis

Like the Dodge Charger AWD, iSeeCars chose vehicles based on long-term reliability, safety scores, and features like AWD or 4×4. The best cars for driving in the snow will perform well in these categories.  

Is the Dodge Charger AWD good in snow?

The Dodge Charger with AWD scored 8.8 out of a possible 10.0 points in iSeeCars’ evaluations of the best cars for snow. The Charger’s score earned it the top spot in the “Best Large Car” category for driving in the snow. Furthermore, the Dodge Charger earned its ranking due to its AWD to handle snowy drives. The Charger’s AWD system is normally inactive, then sends power to all four tires as the vehicle detects a loss of traction. 

Moreover, AWD is available in the SXT and GT trims, the most affordable trims in the model’s lineup. However, the Dodge Charger SXT and GT don’t have AWD standard. Instead, all Chargers send power to the rear wheels, which is less than the best option for driving in snow. Also, no V8-equipped models offer power to all four wheels. 

The Dodge Charger GT handles snow with eager grip.
Dodge Charger GT | Stellantis

Are Dodge Chargers safe cars?

The Dodge Charger AWD is a safe car with many safety features for crash avoidance. However, TrueCar says that the Charger’s standard safety equipment is lacking. For instance, forward-collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking are optional upgrades instead of standard equipment. 

Moreover, the Dodge Charger gets a five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Charger good scores in four of five crash tests. While the Charger is safe and one of the best large cars for snow driving, it fails to compare to vehicles like the Toyota Avalon in safety.  

The Dodge Charger GT AWD is a large car with some of the best snow driving credentials.
Dodge Charger GT | Stellantis

Can you drive a Dodge Charger in the winter?

While you can drive a Dodge Charger in the winter, only the AWD-equipped models get iSeeCars’ top scores for the large cars category. Moreover, the Charger’s 8.8 points outperformed several more expensive luxury competitors, like the Audi A6. 

However, the Charger isn’t alone in the large AWD category. The Chrysler 300 also offers optional AWD with a V6 engine accompaniment. Still, the Dodge Charger AWD is one of the best options for drivers who want a large car for snow driving without paying luxury car prices. 


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