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Auto repair and maintenance are inevitable and one of the unpredictable costs of vehicle ownership. While some brands are notorious for dependability and high-performance ratings, others are plagued with constant issues, which are sometimes costly.

In a recent survey, Toyota dominated the list of cars with the best 5-year maintenance costs. Only one Honda model made the top 10, and it’s probably not a vehicle you would suspect. Hint – it’s not the popular Accord or CR-V models.

A mechanic working on a car potentially luxury brands with the most expensive 10-year maintenance
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The importance of vehicle maintenance

We recommend consulting the owner’s manual for your vehicle to learn more about the maintenance schedule for your specific model. Following the guidelines will keep your vehicle at peak performance, helping to ensure safety and reliability. Proper routine maintenance will also help to increase fuel efficiency while maintaining your vehicle’s value.

Regularly checking fluid levels, rotating tires, inspecting brakes, changing air filters, and monitoring lights can go a long way in avoiding costly repair bills that often result from not taking proper care of a vehicle.

Neglecting to take care of a vehicle can prove detrimental, especially after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Costs can add up quickly, leaving you with hefty repair bills and the inconvenience of being without a vehicle while it’s in the shop. An ounce of prevention goes a long way when it comes to cars.

The Honda model with the best 5-year maintenance

Car Edge conducted a recent survey to determine the cost to repair and maintain a vehicle over its lifetime, claiming the results will help “determine over time whether your car is a great value, or a money pit on wheels.”

The only Honda model making it onto this year’s list for best 5-year maintenance costs is the Honda Fit. The subcompact car has an estimated annual maintenance cost of $377 over five years, with only a 7% chance of needing a major repair.

The survey estimates the Fit will incur approximately $4,915 in maintenance and repair costs during its first 10 years of service. Car Edge predicts the Honda Fit has a 14.68% chance of requiring a major repair during that time, with the probability significantly increasing over time.

Car Edge reports that most Honda models average $7,827 for repair and maintenance costs during the first 10 years of service, which is about $1,002 more than other popular brands. Honda vehicles also have a 17.69% chance of requiring a major repair during that time, which is approximately 2.84% better than other brands in the same segment.

Commonly reported repairs for the Honda Fit


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Maintenance and repair costs vary depending on mileage, vehicle age, and location. Most routine services for a Honda Fit range between $88 and $460. Major repairs are defined as costing more than $500, including parts and labor. 

According to RepairPal, the most commonly reported issues with the Honda Fit are a check engine light coming on and stuttering while driving, faulty AC fan, broken front door arm rest, fuel filler door not opening correctly, missing rear washer nozzle, rattling noise under driver side dash, and moisture damage to air fuel sensor.

Major repairs include an oxygen sensor replacement that ranges between $749 and $825 and a powertrain control module replacement that costs approximately $1,275 to fix.

Unfortunately, the Honda Fit hatchback is no longer available in the United States, as the automaker phased out production for the American market last year.

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