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Hatchbacks take the low-weight and eco-friendly platforms of small cars and add liftback versatility. However, hatchbacks, like sedans, are dying out compared to the American market’s SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. Still, one used option made it onto iSeeCars’ lifespan study for the longest-lasting vehicles of the last 10 years. While many hatchbacks have staying power, the now-discontinued Honda Fit promises to go well over 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. 

Is a Honda Fit a hatchback?

The Honda Fit is a hatchback with seating for five, liftback access to generous cargo volume, and an affordable used car price point. For instance, the 2020 Honda Fit started at around $17,185, making it an affordable liftback option. Better yet, the Honda Fit has one of the best mileage ratings on iSeeCars’ lifespan study. Specifically, the study revealed that 1% of Honda Fit models from the last 10 years have an average of 207,231 miles on their odometers. 

A Honda Fit hatchback in red poses by the beach.
2015 Honda Fit | Honda

What cars last past 200,000 miles?

In addition to the Honda Fit, the Honda Accord and Civic made the list of the longest-lasting sedans and hatchbacks. All three Honda vehicles had potential lifespan figures above 200,000 miles. Of course, the mileage figures in iSeeCars’ study don’t reflect the maximum mileage that these cars are capable of achieving. Instead, the numbers simply show averages for high-mileage vehicles from the last 10 years. 

According to iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer, these vehicles are “capable of more than a quarter-million miles of use if properly maintained.”  Moreover, Brauer says that “most of these cars are still in use and going strong.” It is not just Hondas; Toyota dominated the list with 10 of the 20 longest-lasting vehicles. For instance, the Toyota Sequoia and Land Cruiser have potential lifespans of 296,509 and 280,236 miles, respectively. 

Is it worth buying a hatchback?

Although hatchbacks and sedans don’t last as long as SUVs and trucks on average, hatchbacks like the Honda Fit are definitely worth considering. For instance, the giant, thirsty 2022 Toyota Sequoia has a combined fuel economy figure of about 15 mpg and a starting price of $52,095. However, a 2018 Honda Fit manages around 36 mpg combined with its much more economical 1.5L inline four-cylinder mill. 

Moreover, the Honda Fit didn’t just earn a spot in iSeeCars’ study; it’s the only conventional hatchback that made it onto the list of sedans and hatchbacks with potential lifespans of over 200,000 miles. Of course, plenty of other hatchbacks are on the market with above-average reliability scores. With proper care and maintenance, these hatchbacks should easily reach mileages of well over 200,000. 

Is Honda Fit getting discontinued?

Unfortunately for fans of the Honda Fit, the marque discontinued the model after the 2020 model year. However, the Fit has used models in the American market from 2007 and up, meaning it’s plentily available. However, buying a used car is tricky, and getting a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) from an independent professional is prudent. 

Do you have a hatchback with over 200,000 miles on the odometer? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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