Only 1 Ford Model Improved Reliability in 2022, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports released its most recent reliability survey, which asked the publication’s members to share their experiences with the models they own. The report CR put together from the data shows how reliable or unreliable a vehicle is based on the number of responses the site received on its performance, features, and the technology it sports. The data is then used to figure out a vehicle’s reliability rating

This survey shows many vehicles have improved, but there appears to be only one Ford model that improved its reliability ratings. Which one is it, and what else did we learn from the report?

A white 2022 Ford Escape compact SUV driving past a reflective skyscraper
2022 Ford Escape | The Ford Motor Company

What can we gather from this Consumer Reports survey?

Consumer Reports survey gathers data from owners to see what problems, if any, a particular model has shown in the last 12 months in 17 specific trouble areas. This year’s report shows that the most reliable type of vehicle is a sedan. 

The reason could be that these cars don’t have troublesome parts, like power sliding doors on minivans. There’s also the fact that sedans have been produced for quite a few decades, so automakers have had plenty of time to improve on problems that have popped up over the years. 

It also appears that hybrid vehicles are relatively problem-free. It’s also interesting to note that reliability in hybrids is as good as or even better (in many cases) than the non-hybrid counterparts. However, if you factor in plug-in hybrid cars, you’ll find that it isn’t the case anymore. Plug-in varieties of hybrids continue to be plagued with issues. 

Pickups may be one of the most popular vehicles on the market, but it seems that trucks continue to have reliability problems. On this year’s survey, CR had data from 17 trucks, but only seven had reliability scores in the average to better ratings. The rest dropped below the average mark. 

Which model is the only Ford to increase reliability ratings?

The only Ford model to improve in reliability is the Escape Hybrid. Actually, it did more than just that; it also received a recommendation from CR, which it didn’t have before due to the issues that plagued this hybrid version. 

The Escape Hybrid has made great strides since 2020, when its owners reported issues with the engine, electrical system, paint, in-car electronics, body hardware, and power equipment. By the 2021 survey, most of those problems were resolved or significantly improved. 

This year there were very few complaints from owners. Body integrity is the only area that doesn’t have the Consumer Reports iconic green ‘better’ mark. It has still shown improvement from 2020’s average rating. 

Which other vehicles also improved reliability scores?


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Ford’s Escape Hybrid isn’t the only vehicle to see improvements in reliability. The Buick Enclave is another one. This model saw issues with the transmission, climate system, brakes, suspension, and in-car electronics over several years. However, for the 2022 survey, there were very few complaints from owners. It seems many of those problems were resolved. 

Nissan’s Rogue is another model that has significantly improved over the years. Consumer Reports has data going back as far as 2010. Initially, this SUV had issues with its transmission, climate system, exhaust, drive system, suspension, power equipment, and body integrity. Over time, the brand managed to resolve many of those problems. This year’s survey shows that few issues were reported in all areas tracked. 

Sports cars aren’t immune to problems, like the Chevy Corvette, which has dealt with quite a few over the years. CR began tracking data with the 2014 model. Since then, the car has had issues with the transmission, paint, body hardware, in-car electronics, and body integrity. This year, however, only shows problems with the body hardware and paint. 

With so many vehicles improving reliability, it’s surprising to see only one Ford on the list. Hopefully, this is only a start, and more models will hit the Consumer Reports list in the next couple of years.