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Monthly car payments are much higher so far in 2023, with some even having car loans surpassing $1,000. While that’s a high figure for the average consumer, $1,000 a month could be considered beer money for those who can afford to dish out $3 million plus for a new ride. And for those who can swing that kind of purchase, Bugatti offers plenty of options.

Bugatti stands out for models catering to the ultra-rich  

Blue Bugatti Chiron Sport hypercar sports car on display at Brussels Expo
The Bugatti Chiron Sport | Getty Images

As prices for mainstream cars rise, so do the costs associated with owning a hypercar. In fact, there are at least 50 cars you can buy today that have a price tag that includes seven digits, Motor1 found.

The list of $1 million-plus cars is rich with options for boutique automakers selling ultra-performance machines at exorbitant prices, but even among such an impressive list, Bugatti stands out. No other automaker makes as many appearances on the list of the world’s most expensive cars. Of the 24 cars that cost $3 million or more, seven of them wear a Bugatti badge – more than any other marque – and many of them well surpass the $3 million mark.  

Bugatti offers seven models ringing in over $3 million

Bugatti effectively redefines “entry level” as it takes $3.6 million to take home one of its most “affordable” models, the Chiron Pur Sport. As its name implies, the Pur Sport is a special edition based on the Chiron. It is fitted with the same 8.0-liter W16 engine with four turbos cranking out a combined 1,500 hp but has been tuned to rev higher. The Pur Sport also wears a larger rear wing and updated aero kit with Bugatti stating it has improved agility over the Chiron in corners and a “stronger connection” between the driver and road.

For an additional $300,000, prospective buyers can dish out $3.9 million for the Chiron Super Sport 300+. This insane special edition broke the 300-mph barrier, though the models you can order are detuned to only reach 273 mph. The Super Sport 300+ is limited to 30 units, adding extreme exclusivity to its ridiculous top speed and price point.

The Bugatti Bolide looks like the result of prompting an A.I. program to serve up what a Le Mans Prototype from Bugatti would look like, and that’s no surprise given the $4.7 million hypercar is the ultimate track day hero. With racing-inspired aero, including an imposing roof scoop and rear wing that wouldn’t look out of place on a fighter jet, the Bolide cranks out a staggering 1,824 hp. It is limited to just 40 units.

Reaching the $5 million mark in Bugatti’s lineup is the Mistral, a W16-powered amalgamation of the Chiron, Bolide, and Divo that delivers 1,577 hp with the convenience of open-air driving. The Mistral is limited to 99 models.

Another take on the Chiron makes Bugatti’s list of most expensive cars, the $5.8 million Divo with a production run of just 40 examples. The Divo uses the same 1,500-hp W16 engine from the Chiron, but Bugatti engineers have lightened the Chiron and included plenty of track-attacking-aero to make the seven-figure Divo.

Those with $9 million burning a hole in their pocket can purchase the Bugatti Centodieci, a modern interpretation of the EB110 supercar. The Centodieci, Italian for “110,” debuted at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and just 10 were produced.

Two models command more than $10 million

You can’t really purchase the two most expensive Bugatti models ever produced since both are one-offs that have been sold. That’s probably fine, given each command an eye-watering price of over $10 million.

The most recently sold one-of-a-kind Bugatti is the Chiron Profilee, which was sent to auction in February and sold for a whopping $10.8 million. The one-off is another variation of the Chiron, with plenty of unique interior and exterior features that set it apart.

And for a one-off Bugatti, the Profilee could be considered a bargain.

The most expensive Bugatti of them all is the La Voiture Noire, a one-of-one creation commanding an incredible $13.4 million. The La Voiture Noire is based on the W16 Chiron and is an homage to Bugatti’s Type 57SC Atlantic, an all-black coupe from the 1930s with a production run of just four models.

How much would a Bugatti cost monthly?

As mentioned, new car loans are entering unprecedented territory for the monthly payments they require. While it’s safe to assume that anyone who can afford a $3 million-plus hypercar won’t be purchasing their Bugatti with a traditional auto loan, for fun, let’s look at how much the monthly car payment would be for the cars on this list. Using an online auto loan calculator with an interest rate of seven percent, the current rate as of May 2023, here’s what you’d be expected to pay monthly with no down payment on the previously mentioned Bugatti models over the course of five years.

Chiron Pur Sport: $71,284

Chiron Super Sport 300+: $77,224

Bolide: $93,065

Mistral: $99,006

Divo: $114,847

Centodieci: $178,211

Chiron Profilee: $213,843

La Voiture Noir: $265,336

If you’re in that tax bracket, you’ll likely find something to love in each of those Bugatti models.


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