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Most will never be able to afford bathing in Dom Perignon or to install a solid 24-karat gold toilet in one home’s expansive bathrooms. No, these pleasures are limited to those who could reasonably afford to, if we can paraphrase Ace Hood, “wake up in a new Bugatti.” Although Bugatti is synonymous with offering models that cost seven figures at minimum, the most expensive car in the world comes from another automaker.

Bugatti still dominates the most expensive new car list

The Bugatti collection of the Prince of Monaco welcomes La Voiture Noire, a Centodieci, a Divo, a Chiron Pur Sport “Grand Prix” and the W16 Mistral.
The Prince of Monaco’s Bugatti Collection | Bugatti

Bugatti may not hold the top spot on the world’s most expensive cars list, but the premier marque is certainly well represented. Of the 50 priciest new cars, seven are Bugatti models, and all are in the top 20 for the most expensive, according to Motor1.

The most exclusive and costly of them all is the La Voiture Noire, a one-of-one creation commanding a staggering $13.4 million. Based on the W-16 Chiron, the La Voiture Noire is an homage to Bugatti’s Type 57SC Atlantic, an all-black coupe from the 1930s with a production run of just four models.

Another one-of-a-kind Bugatti, and a more recent model, to crack the list is the Chiron Profilee, another unique take on the Chiron with its W-16 engine cranking out nearly 1,500 hp. The Profilee was sent to auction in February and sold for a whopping $10.8 million.

Those with $9 million burning a hole in their pocket can (or could) purchase the Bugatti Centodieci, a modern interpretation of the EB110 supercar. The Centodieci, Italian for “110,” debuted at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and just 10 were produced.

Other Bugatti models to crack the list are the $5.8 million Divo, the $5 million Mistral, the $4.7 million Bolide track car, and the Chiron Super Sport 300+, ringing in at $3.9 million.

Rolls-Royce commands the top spot for the world’s most expensive car

If one could judge Bugatti owners as nouveau riche, then Rolls-Royce screams “old money.” And it certainly takes generational wealth to afford the brand’s and the world’s most expensive new car, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.

Honoring “the owners’ lifelong reverence for life at sea,” the Boat Tail reportedly costs a cool $28 million (Rolls-Royce didn’t reveal the price for its ultimate bespoke model). Just three of these models were produced sharing the same body, but each was tailored to its owner’s specific desires. At $28 million, we’d certainly hope so.

The Boat Tail provides the kind of luxury that could make an oligarch blush. For instance, press a button, and the rear “deck” opens in butterfly fashion to reveal a customized champagne chest. There are also built-in cocktail tables, picnic stools, and elegance to the overall design that is simply unmatched.

It puts eating a burger off a Subaru’s spoiler to shame, to say the least.   

The Boat Tail is a follow-up to another Rolls-Royce model cracking the top three of the world’s most expensive cars list. In 2017, Rolls introduced the $12.8 million Sweeptail, which was the world’s most expensive car when it debuted. 


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