One Owner’s 2015 Ford Escape Caught Fire and Exploded

Drivers and car owners put a lot of trust in automobile makers and their vehicles. Cars are an essential element of so many people’s daily routines. Over time, car owners are bound to acquire one or two crazy stories while traveling on the road. However, nothing quite compares to the unbelievable story of a Port Orange driver and her Ford vehicle. Find out why drivers everywhere will want to think twice before purchasing a 2015 Ford Escape.

A 2015 Ford Escape caught on fire

The 2017 Ford Escape is displayed at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show
The Ford Escape | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

When people think about car troubles, they typically think of things like needing to replace the brakes or odd engine stalling. Though any problem, minor or major, is disappointing, there are some issues that would be considered on the more “normal” or “average” side. What no driver ever expects to encounter is their vehicle catching on fire and exploding, yet that was the case for one driver back in 2016. 

Annette R. explained on Car Complaints that she was driving her 2015 Ford Escape during cold weather when it seemed like her steering capabilities froze. The next thing she knew, her car veered off the road. Before she could even fully grasp what was happening her car landed in a bog. Unfortunately, it got worse. 

Due to the cold and boggy elements, the driver experienced some difficulty exiting the 2015 Escape at first. However, the driver, thankfully, managed to find a way out once she took note of the flames beginning to catch at the back of the Ford vehicle. The owner of the car was able to swim about 30 feet away before the Escape exploded into total oblivion. In addition, the owner of the car reported that she suffered from second-degree burns on her arms and legs.

What was the speculated cause behind the 2015 Ford Escape exploding? 

It goes without saying how troubling and concerning it probably was for Ford drivers and fans to learn of the explosive incident. One of the most disconcerting pieces of the puzzle was the fact that the Ford Escape only had around 3,400 miles when it witnessed its own demise. 

Rightfully so, the driver at the center of it all wanted and expected answers. In a post outlining the horrifying incident, she stated, “The vehicle is sitting and I have asked that it not be destroyed (what’s left of it) until the cause can be determined. This concerns me greatly because I do not want this to happen to anyone else.”

There was some speculation that this could have been caused as a result of an electrical problem exacerbated from being exposed to the cold and frigid water. 

Unfortunately, there has yet to be an official cause. Though the driver didn’t get the answer or information she may have been hoping for, she seemed grateful to have survived the incident. In the driver’s account of the story, she went as far as to say, “I believe if anyone else had been in the vehicle, they would not have had time to escape.”

What are some highlights of the 2020 Ford Escape?

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It has been about five years since the 2015 Ford Escape model has hit the market. Obviously, there were some things that Ford simply could not plan for. Car drivers and enthusiasts are probably hoping that Ford has since resolved this issue with the newest release of the Ford Escape.

The 2020 Ford Escape has a great reputation for being agile and comes with the option of selecting a hybrid version of the vehicle. The standard advanced safety features and curvier look are all advantages Ford fans can find in 2020 Escape. Hopefully, the 2020 Ford Escape won’t experience the same explosive troubles as the 2015 model.