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Many people love watching their favorite celebrities drive fast cars and blow stuff up in an action movie, and naturally, action movies have blown up a lot of vehicles. So, when people think about which films have destroyed the most cars, they might say the Fast & Furious or The Blues Brothers, but they haven’t actually blown up the most. In fact, one action movie has destroyed more cars than both of those films combined.

‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘Fast & Furious’ have wrecked a lot of cars

A wax Vin Diesel with his Dodge Challenger muscle car from 'Fast & Furious' seen at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany
A Vin Diesel figure from ‘Fast & Furious’ | Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to Start RescueThe Blues Brothers made it to the top 10 films that destroyed the most cars. This shouldn’t be too surprising since there’s a big final chase scene involving many police cars. Since The Blues Brothers was an 80s movie, those police cars that got wrecked weren’t CGI. They were the real thing. In fact, the filmmakers bought 60 cop cars to destroy them for the movie. In total, The Blues Brothers wrecked 104 vehicles. 

Since the Fast & Furious franchise is centered on cars and car culture, the whole franchise has blown up a lot of cars over the years. One of the highest kill counts from the Fast & Furious movies is Fast Five, which wrecked 250 vehicles. The next film in the franchise killed even more cars, as Fast & Furious 6 destroyed 350 cars. However, as a franchise, the Fast & Furious movies have wrecked over 1,000 vehicles so far. 

‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ has destroyed the most cars

That amount of carnage pales compared to the destruction that Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon created. This 150-minute-long film destroyed a total of 532 cars, which shouldn’t be too surprising since the whole idea behind the Transformers franchise is cars that turn into robots. As such, there were a lot of cars in the movie, and many of them were real cars rather than CGI.

Michael Bay fans shouldn’t be too surprised that this movie managed to clinch the top spot. While the Transformers movies are well-known for the large amounts of CGI, Bay also likes to do real stunts with real cars. So, just like The Blues Brothers, there were a lot of action scenes in this movie that ultimately meant a lot of wrecked cars.

Compared to the other movies that made the list, Transformers: Dark of the Moon destroyed far more cars than its competition. For example, Fast Five came in third place with 250 vehicles, and The Blues Brothers got eighth place with 104 cars. This also means that even if you combine the kill counts from those two movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon still wins out. 


Over 300 GM Cars Were Completely Destroyed During ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ Highway Chase Scene

Funny enough, the sequel to The Blues Brothers managed to beat the original’s kill count by just one car. In fact, Start Rescue wrote that the producers for the movie deliberately wrecked one car more than the first one did, just so that the sequel could top the original’s record. Another movie that wrecked many cars was A Good Day to Die Hard, which came in at fifth place with 132 cars destroyed. 

However, the movie that came in second place was The Matrix: Reloaded, as it wrecked 300 cars during production. As fans of the movie might know, most of those cars were destroyed during a huge chase sequence that took place on a freeway.