On-Again Off-Again: GMC Subcompact Crossover Is Back On

It has been a decade of on-again, off-again news of the GMC subcompact crossover. Well, now it’s back on. We liked its chunky, funky looks a decade ago. Now, we’ll have to wait and see what GM conjures up for this GMC “Granite” crossover. Since GMC trademarked Granite (and also Graphite) last year we have wondered if the subcompact was back on the front burner. 

GMC Granite Concept revealed at 2010 North American International Auto Show. X10CC_GM015

The Granite, if that is to be its name, could be based on a number of current GM crossovers. There’s the Chevy Trax, Trailblazer, Buick Encore, or Encore GX. It’s that GM thing where if the other divisions have it the ones that don’t want there’s too. It looks like it would slot in just below GMC’s Terrain crossover. This is currently GMC’s smallest offering.

Right now the 2021 Trailblazer is supposed to be one of the hits on the market today. But in the SUV segment, Chevy not only has this and the Trax but also the Equinox, and Traverse. It will soon have a stretched Bolt crossover as well. Things are coming up in SUVs in Chevy’s house. Are you confused yet?

We can understand why GMC wants a piece of this action

In any case, we can understand why GMC wants a piece of the subcompact action. Of course, GMC’s family is expanding also, as the Hummer EV will soon make its way to dealers. Being a full-size entry it is a bit removed from a subcompact, however. 

We hope GM can differentiate all of the common crossovers so buyers feel they are getting a unique experience. With the Granite concept being as old as it is we doubt it would share any styling cues. A look at the Bronco and Bronco Sport could give a loose idea of where GMC might go. Who knows, it might even call it “Jimmy” after its Blazer copy from a few decades ago. 

GMC is in a stronger position than sister Chevy


Here’s what you get in the standard GMC Terrain

GMC is in a stronger position than sister Chevy. It never produced cars like the other GM divisions. So, it has only added to its roster. Chevy has cut all sedans so it has to fill those voids with SUVs and trucks since that is the company’s edict. That, or you need to substantially increase sales of the products you have left. 

There are still a few holes to plug but essentially all of the GM divisions have most SUV and truck segments covered. It’s an interesting time to see how the car companies will handle their new roles as all-trucks-all-of-the-time. That and the march toward EVs and autonomy. Yesterday Ford was mentioning managing fleets and developing more software that is not car-related. So it’s like the Wild West right now.