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When you see it, you’ll shout “OMG” as well. The Lexus RZ Steering Yoke looks like something you find in an F1 race car or KITT from Knight Rider. This interesting new feature in the first-ever Lexus EV with a reminder this isn’t a shy luxury brand. In fact, Lexus consistently pushes the envelope and delivers dynamic, unique, and sometimes quirky styling elements.

What is the Lexus RZ Steering Yoke?

Lexus RZ Steering Yoke - This optional item can be had in the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e
Lexus RZ Steering Yoke | Lexus

Normally, a full wheel is necessary to perform hand-over-hand steering functions, but not in this new Lexus EV. The new RZ 450e brings the benefits of the One Motion Grip, which is the name Lexus gave to its steer-by-wire system. In every aspect, this is the car’s most futuristic piece of tech.

What does steer-by-wire mean?

Instead of connecting the steering column to the front wheels mechanically, a steer-by-wire system connects these two elements electrically. Because there isn’t a mechanical connection, the driver inputs can be slight and less pronounced, allowing the vehicle to turn as desired.

GQ tells us this new steering system only has 150 degrees of movement between the locks. This means you never have to remove your hands from the nine and three positions on the yoke. A steer-by-wire system is much more sensitive to inputs, which should translate to better overall control.

This new Lexus RZ steering yoke might take some getting used to, which is why it’s currently only an option for this new electric luxury SUV.

Which came first; OMG or One Motion Grip?

We can all answer this question. The acronym OMG has been used for years to replace Oh My God, but now it has a new meaning. The One Motion Grip name fits perfectly, and we’re wondering if Lexus did that on purpose or if it was just a happy accident. Either way, it makes for a bit of fun.

What makes the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e special?

2023 Lexus RZ 450e Driving on a Country Road - The Steering Yoke is an option for this SUV
2023 Lexus RZ 450e | Lexus

The RZ450e is the first Lexus electric car and it’s not a car. This new EV is an SUV based on the e-TNGA platform. Most automotive brands created their first EVs by developing an electrical drivetrain to replace the gas motor. This new Lexus SUV uses an all-electric platform, which means it uses every bit of space between the axles.

Currently, this Lexus EV comes with a 71.4-kWh battery pack to deliver up to 220 miles of driving range when this SUV rides on 18-inch wheels. Models riding on 20-inch wheels offer only 196 miles of driving range.

The Lexus RZ offers 201 horsepower in the front motor and 107 horsepower in the rear to combine for 313 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque and an impressive dual-motor AWD setup.

The DIRECT4 AWD system is another unique feature

This new electric luxury SUV includes a trademarked AWD system called DIRECT4. This sophisticated system distributes the torque between the front and rear axles in many ways. During straight-line driving, the system offers a spilt of either 100% of the torque to either axle, or a 60:40 split distributed in either direction.

Top Electric SUVs informs us the intelligence of this system goes further. This Lexus EV offers a bias to either corner while going around a curve. This could mean the inside wheels have a 50:50 split while the outside wheels experience a 75:25 split to allow for optimal control.

Will you choose the new Lexus RZ Steering Yoke?

Admittedly, the new Lexus RZ Steering Yoke looks like something you only see in your imagination or on high-powered racing machines. Still, it’s interesting enough that it could be a worthy option for many new 2023 Lexus RZ450e owners.