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There’s a handful of things that come to mind when you think of Toyota. Most folks immediately think of the company’s legacy for dependability or its rich heritage in hybrid technology, thanks to the Prius. Alternatively, some think of high-performance tuner cars like the Supra, JZX100, AE86, and so on. Most, however, don’t associate Toyota with multi-million dollar collector cars.

Ultra-rare Toyota 2000GT is one of only 84 of its kind

Gorgeous old 1969 Toyota 2000GT sports car in Solar Red shot from JDM driver's side
Toyota 2000GT coupe | Toyota

If you’re unfamiliar with the Toyota 2000GT, nobody will blame you. It’s an exceedingly rare bit of Toyota history that you certainly don’t see a lot. That’s because only 351 exist according to to Bring A Trailer. Only 84 of which were built with a left-hand drive layout.

The Toyota 2000GT is a collaborative design effort between Toyota and Yamaha from the 1960s. Yamaha built these cars in its Iwata, Japan factory starting in 1967. Though production of the 2000GT ran for three years until 1970, Toyota and Yamaha still produced a very small number due to a relative lack of demand. Now, they’re one of the most sought-after cars in Japanese automotive history.

This particular example recently sold on Bring a Trailer for an astonishing final hammer price of $1,150,000. Though the true mileage of the vehicle is unknown, the odometer only shows 2,000 kilometers, which works out to about 1,400 miles. Additionally, the car has had some restoration and refurbishment, but it still retains its original parts.

This old Toyota 2000GT was first sold to its first owner in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1971. Though it was originally Solar Red, legend has it that its first owner had it re-finished with a coat of blue paint. However, the auction listing states that Toyota Switzerland AG bought the car in the 1980s for promotional use. In 1993, the car underwent its first refurbishment.

In 2014, the car underwent another refurbishment. This time, the original numbers-matching inline six-cylinder engine got an entire rebuild with an overbore to add a bit of displacement and ensure a proper seal of the piston rings. Then, in 2015, its current owner purchased it and imported it to the U.S.

This is the most expensive 2000GT sale in history

Since then, this old Toyota has gotten a substantial amount of love. The entire braking system underwent an overhaul. Additionally, the new owner installed new shock absorbers.

It also had the interior upholstery redone, and the limited-slip differential was resealed. Ultimately, this 2000GT is likely one of the most perfectly restored/maintained. So, it’s no surprise to see that it shattered the record books.

According to Hagerty, a 1967 2000GT in Concours condition is worth about $958,000. However, the website displays the highest price ever recorded for a 2000GT, which happens to be $1.15 million. So, this little old Toyota that’s traveled to all corners of the world is now the most expensive of its kind.

So, if you happen to see a Toyota 2000GT in the flesh, cherish that moment. While many folks may not recognize they’re in the presence of a million-dollar car, you will!


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