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I’ll admit, the recent release of the 2022 Acura Integra didn’t exactly spur up nostalgic feelings of the old Honda and Acura enthusiast days for me. As someone that grew up in the Honda enthusiast scene, I was expecting something a little more evocative of the old days. If you’re like me and would like to cleanse your palette, then feast your eyes on Enrique Guerra’s 1992 Acura Integra LS. No, it’s nothing like the new version, but it does have a few new Honda tech goodies thrown in.

Guerra purchased his ’92 Acura Integra for an insanely low price

A front shot of Guerra's 1992 Acura Integra LS
A front shot of Guerra’s 1992 Acura Integra LS | Patrick Lauder, MotorTrend

While it’s easy for any non-enthusiast to look at this Integra example and dismiss it as any other lowered car with all kinds of aftermarket parts tacked onto it, it’s important for any onlookers to know a little back story. According to MotorTrend, Guerra found this Integra on Craigslist four years ago as a “mechanics special.” That means it was in rough shape with faded paint and an “undiagnosed engine issue,” but the best part was its price: $500.

That’s right, for less money than a PS5 on Facebook Marketplace, Guerra was able to afford a complete running car, although, his work was cut out for him when it came to restoring it. However, the Honda/Acura marketplace isn’t like it once was 10 years ago. While there is a lot of aftermarket support for these older Integras, finding OEM parts is almost impossible.

“It’s been a stressful couple of years sourcing new parts and buying products that will work with the DA chassis, but with the help of social media, close friends, and networking, finding parts became a lot easier,” Guerra told MotorTrend.

The Integra was restored with some tasteful modifications

A picture of the GSR engine that sits in the engine bay of Guerra's 92 Integra LS.
A GSR engine sits in the engine bay of Guerra’s 92 Integra LS. | Patrick Lauder, MotorTrend

After sourcing some parts, it was time for Guerra to get to work. First, the car was resprayed in Captiva Blue Pearl from the ‘92-95 Honda Civic. A Wings West bumper cap and side skirts were then installed in addition to a set of one-piece JDM headlights and thin side moldings. After that, a smattering of carbon fiber parts was applied to the car.

A Seibon carbon fiber hood and VIS hatch were installed as were a JDP Engineering front lip and rear spoiler. There’s even some paint contrast with the Imagine Racing side mirrors, but what really highlights the car’s overall look and pristine paint job is the set of black 16×8 TE37 wheels. Behind those wheels, you can even see the front and rear bright orange Wilwood brake calipers. As for the rest of the suspension details, a set of Megan Racing coilovers, a K-Tuned traction bar, and a Password JDM strut tower brace put some new pep in the Integra’s step.

Guerra included some modern parts as well

A rear shot of the 92 Acura Integra LS.
A rear shot of the 92 Acura Integra LS. | Patrick Lauder, MotorTrend

While Guerra’s Integra is a smorgasbord of classic 90s Acura aftermarket parts, he threw in a few modern touches to complete his build. A B18C1 GSR engine now sits in place of the older B18A LS engine for more power. And while that engine replacement isn’t exactly new, Guerra freshened it up with a Hondata coil-on-plug conversion with a Rywire coil plate and engine harness. As you can imagine, this new conversion did away with the electrical gremlins that the car originally had.

Other engine modifications include a Comptech Ice Box with an Integra Type R factory intake tube, a Skunk2 throttle body and intake manifold, as well as a PLM header and Thermal cat-back exhaust. No, it’s not a crazy horsepower monster, but this Integra’s newly refreshed engine ensures that Guerra will have a safe and worry-free ride, just like it was back in 1992. It also helps that the car retains the factory A/C and power steering functionality.

There are a few modern modifications to the car’s interior as well. Guerra installed an S2000 gauge cluster and a set of Corbeau bucket seats to maximize the car’s comfort and style. The factory steering wheel was replaced with a Renown Champion HP unit and it’s even fitted with custom cruise control buttons.

As we can see, Guerra’s 1992 Acura Integra LS is a testament to what the Honda and Acura tuning scene once was. And while it doesn’t have the same kind of tech and comfort that the new Integra will 30 years later, it goes to show that the enthusiast scene is still alive and well.

To top things off, Guerra isn’t done yet. He told MotorTrend that more is still to come for his trusty “mechanic’s special.” “The car still has a long way to go as 2022 rolls in and I have big plans to change the look of the exterior very soon, along with other small things here and there.”

We’re sure that Guerra’s car will be amazing when it’s all said and done. Maybe the new Integra should take note.


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