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It’s called the most famous driveway in Britain. Situated in Gloucestershire town of Winchcombe, it was the site of a meteorite striking Earth. It was the first time a space rock had hit the UK and then was recovered in over 30 years. And though the carbonaceous chondrite meteorite was whisked away to be studied, where it hit made the driveway somewhat famous. 

The Wilcox driveway was left with a crater that attracted space fans

Homeowners the Wilcock family
Hannah Wilcock, Rob Wilcock, and Cathyrn Wilcock discovered The Winchcombe meteorite | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

People clamored to see the mini-crater created when the meteorite hit. Since hitting the tarmac six months ago the spot has been covered to keep it out of bad weather. A car has also been parked over it to aid in that protection.

Scientists took the meteorite soon after hitting the driveway. They are looking for clues to how the solar system was formed over 4.6 billion years ago. With the main attraction gone, everyone thought that the throngs of curious space enthusiasts would end. But it didn’t.

London Natural History Museum wanted the piece of driveway where the meteorite hit

Meteorite that hit the driveway
The Winchcombe meteorite sits on display at the Natural History Museum on May 13, 2021, in London, England | Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

So the London Natural History Museum, which displays the Meteorite, thought it a good idea to display the section of the asphalt driveway where it hit. Workers used concrete cutters to cut out a large section that is being readied for display. 

Homeowner Rob Wilcock told the BBC, “I’m pleased in a way that it’s going but I’m also a bit nostalgic because we’ve got used to it being there. It’s something that’s changed our lives and brought us into contact with a lot of really interesting people. And, of course, it really has put Winchcombe on the map. It’s one of the most significant things that has ever happened in this town.”

The property owners will commemorate the site with a plaque

The meteorite that landed on the Wilcock driveway
The meteorite that landed on the Wilcock driveway | Getty

With the driveway section gone, the Wilcock’s will mount a plaque identifying where it hit. They’re also planning on conducting tours to show space fans the other areas where the Meteorite broke up and landed. The tour will end at their property. People will be able to take selfies next to the plaque. 

The London Natural History Museum has not yet announced when the piece of the driveway will be on display. We’re sure it will be a big attraction.


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