Off-road Subaru Wilderness Sub-brand Announced

The Subaru Wilderness sub-brand is coming. Wilderness branded Subarus will offer more off-road capability for active, young families. As a result, the launch hopes to attract a new generation of Subaru drivers.

A more rugged brand for outdoorsy families

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Subaru has long enjoyed a reputation for rugged and reliable family-friendly vehicles. The recent announcement of the wilderness sub-brand hopes to hone in on this market. As a result, the first two models in the wilderness line will feature more off-road capability, comfort, and safety features.

The Japanese automaker hopes to produce a rise in the popularity of rugged and sporty vehicles. Subaru relies on consumers who put their cars through their paces. Therefore, it’s only logical that the brand would better meet the needs of its primary customer. 

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Retailers have been asking Subaru for models that are more suited to young and active customers. The Subaru Crosstrek sport sells particularly well with this demographic. In short, Wilderness is specifically for these customers.

Torque News quoted a Subaru representative as saying, “we’re excited about the opportunity to have this vehicle capture new clients in the segment.” Subaru is one of the most popular car brands in America. Excitement for this sub-brand is snowballing with consumers.

A tougher Outback

A sturdier Wilderness Outback is coming in 2022. Chairman of the Subaru National Retailer Advisory Board, Peter Bergen, told Automotive News that the new Wilderness models will feature a more rugged appearance package and better tires for off-road performance.

Consequently, The new Outback Wilderness has a wider stance, higher clearance, and a more sturdy suspension. The Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, will assemble the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness.

A sportier Forester is on the horizon

Subaru’s Yajima plant will assemble the 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness. Forester Wilderness Edition boasts better off-road capability than the Outback. Further, The new line will offer more clearance and better durability. The Forester Wilderness is an exciting update to the beloved model.

 More than just a trim package

A snow-covered oval shaped Subaru logo on a white vehicle.
The Subaru logo looks great in the snow | Robert Alexander via Getty Images

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Speculation about the Subaru Wilderness sub-brand abounds. Wally Sommers, president of Sommers Subaru in Mequon, Wisconsin, told Automotive News: “the Wilderness brand will give additional capabilities in those car lines, extra style, and the look of off-roading to a greater degree than we have right now.” The maker has noted that the exterior will receive a more aggressive facelift. For example, updated headlights will add to the Sleek new Look. Likewise, the interior will also receive a more robust aesthetic. .”

Moreover, The Wilderness sub-brand is perfectly aligned with the Japanese automaker. This move seems like the next logical step for a brand associated with outdoor adventure. As more and more families take to The Great Outdoors, the Subaru Wilderness brand will be there to take them to their next adventure.